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Fear as a poem. ASR because children may not enjoy this poem.
The chilling of the blood,
The body running cold,
Skin tingling and itchy,
Leaving nerves exposed,

Smaller than a mouse,
The world much too big,
Trembling and quaking,
Trying to escape, but it’s much too quick,

Buried under blankets,
Curled in a cocoon,
Hiding from fears surfacing,
Watching under the darkness of the moon,

The tricks of the eyes make the shadows walk,
Along the surfaces of your walls,
A hulking monster sits in the corner,
Basking in the fear it installs,

Fears spring up in the mind,
Crowd’s eyes watching, following every move,
Crouching in a room with the walls inching closer,
And spiders crawling and creeping out of every groove,

Stuck on a thin ledge,
The height makes the world spin,
A pit rests in your stomach,
But nobody can hear your screaming,

Rain pours down from the sky,
Flashes and deep rumbles outside your room,
Squeezing your eyes tight,
A feeling of impending doom,

Hot and cold,
It paralyzes you and makes you run,
Energizes you and drains you,
Fear is the one thing you cannot outrun.
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