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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254049
Episode 4
Jae In: This place is so quiet, so why are my ears clanging? (Pause for a second). My whole life was a joke to my parents. No Jae In and sees they had a reason, but why they did not think about me they had the only thought about themselves. No Jae In, they are your parents. If mom did not make this decision, your dad would still be in jail.

How can I make this decision?

If I do not go to my legal father, he will definitely sue my parents and put my dad in jail again. If I agree to go there, then what will happen to me? I will never be happy there. In both cases, me and my family are going to suffer. I am going to make money and give it back to my uncle. But how? I am going to find a job. (The conversation is going into her head)

Meanwhile, a boy bumped into her shoulder. It seems that he was finding something.

Boy: Oh! I am sorry......

Jae In: It is okay. (without looking at him).

Boy: Have you seen a pen? its color is golden?

Jae In: No. (She turns her head to the boy).

Boy: Can you please step aside?

Jae In: But why?

Boy: I think my pen is under your feet.

Jae In: No, your pen is not here. You can go somewhere else and find your pen. (In a hard tone).

Boy: Why are you being so rude?

Jae In: Excuse me, why are you disturbing me? You can not see I do not want to talk with you. (annoyes)

Boy: You have no manners. step aside. (pushes her)

Jae In holds back his hand and flips him onto the ground.

Boy: Are you mad? (In painful voice)

The boy stands up and rubs his back

Boy: Are you out of your mind? You almost break my back. (in painful voice)

Jae In: Do you wanna die? (Glare at the boy)

A group of people who are passing by from them. They see that a girl and a boy are fighting. An old guy among them comes forward and asks Jae In.

Old guy: Is everything okay young lady?

Jae In: No sir, this guy is harassing me.

Boy: What? Why are you lying? (In shock and yell at her)

Old guy: Then I should call the police.

Boy: No sir, she is lying. She is the one who hit me.

Jae In: You held my hand first.

Another guy comes forward.

Second guy: I already called the police. Do not even try to run, young man.

The boy starts begging to leave and Jae In also starts feeling uneasy.

Police have arrived.

Police Officer: What is happening here and who called us?

Second guy: I called you sir. This boy was harassing this young girl.

Police officer: Is this man telling the truth? (Ask Jae In).

Jae In is feeling so nervous and does not answer the officer.

Police Officer: Okay, you both are coming with us (Jae In and the boy) and you too (also point the group of men).

Jae In: No, I want to go back home.

Police Officer: What is your name, young lady?

Jae In: My name is Jae In.

Police Officer: And what is your name? (Ask the boy).

Boy: My name is Shin Myung Wook. (With hesitation).

Suddenly Myung Wook looks at the ground and screams.

Myung Wook: Oh! My pen.

Immediatly picks his pen and glaring at Jae In

Myung Wook: You silly girl, it was all your fault. You were standing on my pen and now you are pretending that you are a victim. (In anger)

Police Officer: Come on, you both get in the car, we have to go to the Police Station and call your parents.

Myung Wook comes near to Jae In and starts threatening her.

Myung Wook: You will pay for this silly girl. (Whisper into her ear).

Jae In's eyes fill with tears and she ties up her hands tightly because of fear.

To be continue

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