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Arguing my case before the judge.
“The accusations are as follows: lying, cheating, stealing, assault, drug use, alcohol abuse, and fornication.”

“How do you plead, Marvilla?”

“Your Honor, I am guilty as charged, but my crimes have already been paid for in full”.

“And when did this happen?”

“When Jesus died on the cross for my sins some 2000 years ago.”

“Where is this Jesus now? Is he able to testify on your behalf?”

“I am Jesus, and I am here. I will testify on her behalf.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, I will hear what he has to say. Your objection is overruled. Jesus, What do you have to say for Marvilla?”

“Do you see these scars on my hands and feet where I was nailed to a cross and these scars on my head where a crown of thorns was pushed down upon it? Can you see other scars on my face where I was hit and my beard was pulled out in handfuls?”

“Yes, I see all the scars.”

“I also have one on my side and scars on my back where I was beaten. These scars are from when I died on the cross for the sins of the world and was raised again to life so that whoever believes in me might have everlasting life and forgiveness of their sins. Marvilla believes in me. I know her personally. She is correct. I paid the price for her crimes so that she may now go free! I love her so much that I gave my life for her, and she has given hers to me.”

“That’s not right. There must be some kind of mistake! She even admitted her guilt!”

“Mr. Prosecutor, Do you have any evidence her crimes have not been paid for?”

“I have plenty of evidence proving she did the crimes, your honor!”

“That is not what I asked, Mr. Prosecutor. I asked if you had any evidence to prove her crimes had not been paid for in full.”

“No, Your Honor. I can not prove her crimes have not been paid for in full.”

“Then I am giving Marvilla a full pardon. I see no reason to continue this trial. Marvilla, you are free to go, but do not do those things you were accused of anymore.”

“Thank you, Your Honor, and thank you, Jesus. Jesus, I will live the rest of my life to please you from now on.”

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