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A story about a ASMR fan
'Until next time my pet. Sweet dreams'

Silence replaced the sexy, soothing voice as the latest ASMR audio came to a close. He sat up on his bed and popped out his headphones from his ears. Placing them on the small table next to his charging phone then lay down back onto the bed.

Listening to her right before bed had become his nightly ritual. To the point where he had difficulty getting to sleep without the voice whispering in his ear. This time it she played the familiar role of a domme, guiding a new pet down the path of submission and obedience. Although this particular series is new, the role of dominatrix was one she played since her channels early days and she was amazing at it. She also did content that was more safe for work but no less enticing. He was particularly looking forward to the story about a growing romance half Orc warrior and her human healer.

He found that tonight, sleep didn't come as easy. There was something in the back of his mind that preventing for slipping for into dreamland. Sighing, he reached for his phone, a few presses on the virtual keyboard and he was on her parteon page. A new reward had been added recently for fifty dollar pledges. A 40 minute conversation with the woman behind the curtain.

There were other rewards of course. Accessing to even more content at a earlier time. The chance to vote of the next story to be uploaded. But it was the chance to talk to her directly that was tempting him the most. Rational thought and self lathing other the other hand pulled him back. The fact that he was even considering giving that much was ridiculous and pathetic, especially considering that he be paying alot more. Converting USD to local currency shows that he would be paying at least three hundred dollars. Three hundred dollars a for a forty minute conversion a month. No woman was worth that.

Yet his mind drifted to imagining what they talk about. He wasn't a very interesting man. His life was work, school and home. No real social life to speak off. His hobbies were single player video games and online card games. Not the type of things that would interest a woman like her. The audios maybe? He would love to hear about the process behind them and which ones she enjoyed making the most. Maybe he just let her talk about her day and listen. Its how it usually is when people talk to him.

His eyes glanced that the time. One hour before midnight. He needed to forget about the reward and rest. Only once way he knw now to do that. Soon he was listening to her again, allowing her to distract him from his thoughts. Letting the voice guide him towards dreamland.
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