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Episode 5
At Police Station

Myung Wook continuously requesting the officer to let him go. He continuously says that he did not do anything wrong, but the officer already called his father

Poice Officer: We already called your father, now we can not do anything.

Jae In's house

Telephone's bell rings

Mrs. Bo-young: Hello.

Police Officer: I am police officer Cha Seong Min. Calling from Busan Police Station. Is this Mr. Kim Hae Won's house?

Mrs. Bo-young: Yes, I am Mrs.Park Bo-young, he is my husband. What is the matter officer? Have you find my daughter, Is she okay? (anxiously).

Police Officer: Your daughter Kim Jae In is in our custody and she is fine. You and your husband have to come police station.

Mrs. Bo-young: Is she did something wrong?

Police Officer: Please, first you have to come here.

Mrs. Bo-young: Okay officer we will be right there in 10 minutes. (hang up the phone).

Mrs. Bo-young dials call to her husband.

Mr. Hae Won: Hello.

Mrs. Bo-young: Honey, please come back home. We have an emergency. We have to go police station

Mr. Hae Won: Has anything happened to Jae In? (worried)

Mrs. Bo-young: I do not know. I received a call from the police station. She is at the police station. We have to go there.

Mr. Hae Won: What? But why?

Mrs. Bo-young: Do not ask more questions, please come fast.

Mr. Bo-young: Okay, I will be there in 5 minutes.

Mr. Hae Won and Mrs. Bo-young have arrived at the police station and finding Jae In. Jae In is sitting on the bench. Mrs. Bo-young sees Jae In, she runs and hugs Jae In.

Mrs. Bo-young: Are you okay my baby? We were searching for you, where have you been?

Mr. Hae Won goes to the police officer's desk.

Mr. Hae Won: What is going on officer? What is my daughter doing here?.

Police Officer: We found your daughter at the seashore. She was fighting with a boy. A group of people who were passing by from there told us that the boy was harassing your daughter but when we asked your daughter she did not reply.

Mr. Hae Won: Where is that guy? (In anger)

Police Officer: Calm down sir. The boy is sitting on the chair in front of our officer. The officer is questing him. We have no evidence against him until your daughter gives any statement. And we already called his father and his father will be here soon.

Mr. Hae Won called Jae In and asks her

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In, that boy was harassing you? Do not be afraid I am here now, just tell me what had happened?

Jae In: Sorry! He did not harass me. (she downs her head toward the ground)

Myung Wook listened. He immediately stands up and shouts.

Myung Wook: I told you officer I did not do anything wrong with her. Eventually, she hit me. My back is still hurting. ah...... She tried to kill me. (gives indignation expression to Jae In).

Police Officer: Mr. Shin Myung Wook please sit down and do not make noise this is the police station. Ms. Jae In, It is sad. You should not have done this. This is wrong in both ways morally and legally.

Jae In: Sorry officer.

Police Officer: You have to say sorry to him.

Myung Wook interrupts

Myung Wook: Say sorry to me. Just because of you I am here without any crime. (with angry and annoyed face)

Jae In: Sorry. (rudely)

Myung Wook: This girl is dangerous. (annoyed)

Mr. Hae Won: Can we go now, officer?

Police Officer: Yes, you can go now.

Mr. Hae Won: Thank you, officer.

Myung Wook: What about me?

Police Officer: Your father is coming you can go with him.

Myung Wook: Please sir let me go. (Begging)

Police Officer: No. I can not sorry boy. (tapped on his shoulder)

Myung Wook: I think today is the last day of my life. God, please save me. (In pale voice)

Police Officer: What? What did you say?

Myung Joong: Nothing sir. (take a deep breath and sit down.Worried)

Myung Wook's dad enters in police station

Myung Wook: Father. (stands up)

Police Officer: Hello Mr. Shin Jong Suk.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Hello officer, What is my son doing here? Is something wrong?

Police Officer: Your son is here because he had fallen in dispute with a girl.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Is that true Myung? (glare at him)

Myung Wook: Sorry father. (in sorrow)

Police Officer: It was not his mistake. That girl told a lie to the officers and those men.

Mr. Jong Suk: Men?

Police Officer: Yes, A group of men was passing by there but, they are gone now. You can take your son with you. Thank you.

On the way.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: What is this behavior? I did not expect this from you. (in hard tone)

Myung Wook: I am sorry father. (his head is down)

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: You are not here to increase my problems. I think your work is done here. Tomorrow I am going to book your return ticket.

Myung Wook: No father, I am really sorry, believe me, this will never happen again. (sorrow on his face)

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Really! How can I believe you?

Myung Wook: This was the last time. You will never get any complaints in the future. I promise.

Mr. Jong Suk: Okay.

Myung Wook: Thank you, father. (with smiling face)

Myung Wook takes out the pen from his pocket.

Myung Wook: Father, this is for.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk interrupts Myung Wook.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: I have to go somewhere. You go inside first.

Myung Wook: We reached?

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Yes. Dinner is on the table, after dinner, you do not need to wait for me. I will be late so you can sleep.

Myung Wook: When will be you come back?

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: I have no idea. Now go inside and do not wait for me, okay. Now get off from the car.

Myung Wook: Okay father. (with sadness)

Puts the pen inside his pocket and gets off, from the car. Mr. Shin Jong Suk left

Jae In, Mr. Hae Won, and Mrs. Bo-young reached the home

Mrs. Bo-young: Jae In dear let go inside.

Jae In looks at her house.

Jae In: Is this my home? (confused face)

Mrs. Bo-young: Yes dear it's our home.

On the way to her house she is talking to herself

Jae In: This is my house but, I am feeling so strange. Is the house is strange? Or this house has made me a stranger. Why I can not feel cozy in this like I felt before.

Mrs. Bo-young: I know Jae In was a hard day for you. Please let's go inside and take some rest.

Mrs. Bo-young holds Jae In's hand and takes her inside.

To be continue

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