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Episode 10
"Your brother's manager is here." Her face is covered with worried and feared. After listening to her, his face filled with anger he pushed her and directly went into the room. She runs after him. "What are you doing here?" Aggressively said. "Hello, Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun. Nice to meet you. I am Park Jin Kyung." He calmly said. "I am here to meet with Ms. Kim Jae-In." Then he turned to Mrs. Park Bo-Young.

"How dare you to say this!" He was about to punch Mr. Park Jin Kyung, but her wife immediately grabbed his hand and forcefully pulled him toward the bedroom.

In the bedroom. "Are you mad? What were you trying to do? Do you even know, your action will make the situation more complicated for us and also for Jae-In?" She locked the door and shouted at him. She forget about how she felt a few minutes ago. "This man can not control his anger. He is behaving exactly the same as he did that day so, I should act strong and handle this situation." She was talking to herself.

"Listen, Tae-Hyun you can not do this, Okay. That day you did this and lost your brother but, now I do not want to lose my daughter. It took me so much time to turn you into a better person. Please, forget what your brother did with you and just focus on Jae-In. After a long time, we see our daughter's pretty smiley face. Although keep in mind she is your daughter not a toy so, your brothers do not play with her. If she hurts, cause of you and your brother, I will never forgive you and leave you.

Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun's eyes gone wide when he heard the word 'leave'. "No!" Unpromptedly. She came to him and sat on the floor while he was sitting on the bed. "It is already decided that she will live her remaining life as his daughter. I know he will take good care of her. Otherwise, if he will trying to do something unacceptable with her so, according to law and agreement he will lose all the authority as a father." She said and stood up.

"But?" Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun looking so shocked because he did not know about it. "Yes, I know, I did not tell you this before because,"

Flashback. On the day, she received a call from her brother-in-law and he told her that he will leave soon so, she decided and called him again and asked him to meet at a cafe.

At the cafe. She was sitting on the chair across to Mr. Kim Hae Won. "Okay, I am ready to give you my child, even though I do not know. If this baby is a girl or a boy." Without deviation. "What! Have you not done sonography yet? Straighten his back and was shocked. "Yes, I did but, I and Tae-Hyun do not want to know because it is a surprise for us." Tears were about to flow from her eyes, she tighten her grip and control herself. She rushed and picked the glass of water and sipped from it. "You look so tired." He gave her a handkerchief because he saw tears in her eyes but, she refused, then he called the waiter and ordered fresh juice, fresh fruits, and pancakes for her. She declined but, "It is for your baby, you should not starve yourself it will danger for you both." Seeing his soft side gives some good vibes.

"How can I believe that you will take good care of my child, love him as your own child, do not use him for your revenge." Looked into his eyes directly. She wanted the answer that made her satisfied. "I hate my brother but it does not mean that I am a villain or a bad person. I have my own reasons, I already told you before. I will do everything for you, your husband, and for this child." He gave the glass of juice to her that the waiter just put on the table.

"But, your wife?" She took the glass and put it aside on the table. "Do not worry about her and drink the juice." He pointed his finger to the glass. She immediately took the glass and start drinking the juice because she did not eat anything since yesterday.

After taking two sips, she placed the glass on the table. "I have some conditions." She said. "I have too." He crossed her words. "Let me finish my sentence." Glared at him. "Oh! Okay. carry on please." He sat back and bend his arms and crossed his legs.

"You have to ensure me that this child will be safe in your hands you do not try to use my baby in any kind of the wrong activities if my baby gets hurt, cause of you then you will lose all the authorities although it will be legal or not." Proclaimed. He did not give any reaction to her words. "Are you agree?" She further said. "Yes." He replied so calmly. She was surprised by his behavior because she never imagined this guy will behave like this way.

"I know you are curious about my changed personality." He moved the plate of pancake toward her and gave a little smile. "No, no." Flinch. "My manager will be here soon with my lawyer then we will discuss more. "Why are you not eating? This is for you, not for me. Please have some." He tries to make her comfortable, but she still looks so scared and nervous, it is a really big decision and she took it with her husband's concern.

"Good morning, sir." Two men greeted him and bowed. "O, good morning, you both arrived on time." He checked his wristwatch and then ask them to sit. Mr. Lee Ha-Jun sat next to him and his manager goes behind him and stands there. "All the papers are ready, sir." He took out a file and moved toward him. Mr. Kim Hae Won grabbed the paper and moved toward her, without giving it any glance.

"Sir, are you not going to read it." Lawyer said. Mr. Kim Hae Won's expression changed in no time and he gave him a death look. The lawyer immediately down his head with sorry and move back on his seat. "Here is the paper of agreement. Please read it carefully, then sign." A smile and tenderness on his face while he turned his face to Mrs. Park Bo-Young and giving her the paper.

He hesitantly took the paper and start reading. But due to the intensity and tiredness, she could not able to focus on it properly. Mr. Kim Hae Won looked at his lawyer and moved his head so, he can explain everything to her. He nodded. "Ma'am," Excused her. "Huh!" She instantaneously answered. "Please, give me the file, I will explain it." Reached his hand to her. She inclined and gave him the file.

He cleared his throat then opened the file. "Mrs. Park Bo-Young." He properly announced her name. She looked at him and start listening to him carefully. "There are some terms and conditions for this adoption you have to agree with. No.1. You are eight months pregnant right?" He looked at her. "Yes." She agreed with his statement. "You have to come with Mr. Kim Hae Won to Canada and your delivery will take place there. And the father of this child will be Mr. Kim Hae Won." He wanted to continue but...

"What?!" She outraged. "Are you out of your mind?" Hit her hands on the table. "Relax, Ma'am." Mr. Lee Ha-Jun asked politely. "Please, let me finish, after that, we will discuss this." He started reading again. She sits back but burning in anger. "I thought this man is changed but, I was wrong" She mumbled.

Mr. Lee Ha-Jun heard but ignored her, then he further explain the agreement that Mr. Kim Hae Won took all the responsibility for the child but, he will take this child with him after he/she will turn eighteen.

"This is ridiculous!" She stood up with anger. They all stood up after her. "Bo-Young please sit down and listen." Mr. Kim Hae Won said in a soft voice and tried to make her calm. She pushed her chair and moved from there. He immediately reached her and stopped her. "Listen, I have some reason behind this, please let me explain them then it will your choice to accept it or not." He hold her hand and took her back to the table.

She did not say anything and gave him a chance not because she trust him or anything else but, she was thinking about her husband, who is still in police custody.

Mr. Kim Hae Won ordered his manager and lawyer to leave him alone with her so, they left. "I do not want to give my name to this child but, I have to do that cause this child will be the heir of my property and business. I do not want to give the chance of my arrival to create problems for me or for this baby. The second thing is, I did not tell my wife about this so, I need some time to tell her."

"So, it will take eighteen years to tell her?" Sarcastically "No, no. I know her. She is a nice person but, there are so many things I have to deal with. I will take all the responsibility, you just have to cooperate with me. It is not a legal agreement and this agreement will always remain between me and you. Just trust on me." Trying to persuade.

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