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Word prompts: silver, dragon, dark, legend, knight, queen, sword, and magic.
The new fallen snow glistened silver
under the full dragon moon,
lying in her bedchamber Queen Faye
listened to the Dragon Riders croon.

Outside her door the Golden Knight stood,
his right hand on the hilt of his sword,
he could feel the weapon's magic pulse,
as they waited for King Ronald's dark horde.

From the bedchamber there came a scream,
proclaiming the queen's metamorphoses complete,
from the stairway came Ronald's battle cry,
the Golden Knight's sword he did meet.

The door of the Queen's chamber splintered,
as a gold dragon's head pushed through it,
rushing to the Golden Knight's side,
with her hot breath the stairwell she lit.

Leaving the castle together,
Queen Faye and Golden Knight,
assembled dragons and riders,
into the Golden Army of Light.

Thus was the legend created,
About the Gold Dragons of Light,
Who come to the aid of the downtrodden,
Who against all evil creature fight.

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