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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2255020
We must step on them!
"My Dear," said the man with the lens held up to his eye, speaking to the rabbit; or rather the rabbit and anyone else who was listening. "I believe it was in the summertime, just as the night was coming on, the light fading away, the nights air bringing coolness." He checked to make sure everybody was still listening, as he saw the rows, and rows of rabbits seated in front of him with their ears perked up. He waved his hands like he was conducting an orchestra. "Yes in the cool air of the night, when the worms started crawling," He used his fingers to illustrate. "Crawling up from the ground, and we all had to step on them. They were coming up through the toilets, and up from the sewers. They were crawling out of light sockets, and electrical sockets. My Dears, worms everywhere!" He checked the audience again, but they were no longer rabbits, they were angry red crocodiles, he knew they were mad at him because he was not talking fast enough.

"Yes, yes, yes!" He threw his arms up, "The worms were everywhere, and we had to step on them - and they kept multiplying, for every single worm, there were two worms!" His eyes now shot lasers into the crowd of crocodiles, and the room went black. He kept on talking though, murmuring to himself like a mad man, "The worms, they will come back, and when they do, you must step on them!" His voice now had an echo like he was speaking in an auditorium. "Because the worms will multiply, and become many, and if this happens you will not be able to overtake them. They will breed the earth," He now sounded as if he were hissing, "Back to the old days. The worms will take out the trash and eat it, leaving nothing but moist soil. And out of this soil, more worms will come." He looked up, and he was hissing, his tail wrapped around a mouse. "My Dear, our time is over, it is time for the invasion of the worms."

He was coming to, just ready to open his eyes, ready to step on the worms; they'd better have a bigger gun if they were coming to take him! He opened his eyes, and he saw, like he had just been born out of an old shell, he looked around and saw padded walls. Then suddenly his body began shaking in the middle of the room, he was seizing. Where were the doctors? He breathed in deep, as if it were his last breath, and they came and took him away.


Doctor 1 "Okay, 50mg is too high of a dose."
Doctor 2 "You knew that in the first place."
Doctor 1 "Yes, revive him and then give him the 30mg dose."

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