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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Animal · #2255033
Don't know made it up, bulls don't act like this.

This is work of fiction moo.
from the perspective of a Bull in the running of the bulls
in some fantasy of my own making
Moo six of us in this alley way with all these screaming …they have no horns ? The others moo they seem to have left the door open again they make me nervous moo.
So off we go with these things with 2 legs trying to lead us down this " how does a cow see a walled road with people hanging off the barricades on either side "?
Moo what if we refuse to move Bara bellows the other bulls snort but were supposed to follow these strange fellows . Another says moo herd there were Cows down this road moo.. Bara moves off at a light the trot " do cows trot I wonder?" The yelling of the crowd makes his ears twitch and his tail flicks watching the antics on the walls nothing like the one who raised him .. The other bulls also move sedately even when the people on the walls start to throw things and wave red flags ..
Bara says moo that's a problem the others stomp and below as well those dam things what are they ? With only one way to go the things running like rabbits they follow down the street the wall people continue there antics but the other bulls follow Bara steady tread ..
This at the top of the street the great coral is visible the noise at its peak the runners pile up at the entrance ...
Bara seems there having a ? Moo the others gather at the top of the street also seeing the pile of people at the entrance it seems someone forgot to open the gate or shut it by mistake and they calmer over the top ..
Bara looks at the walls and the people yelling and waving wondering how to get out of these walls the others start to paw ready for last rush to the coral
Another bull takes his fear out on the fence goring it with his capped horns . Pop the board is off its screws the crowd screams and the cap is hanging by its tape.. Bara trots over and bangs his horns on the next fence board nope still capped moo lets all gore the boards
loud banging as the bulls attack the fence despite the crowds screams and some of the runners coming back to harass them . Some of the bulls horns are now exposed and several boards are lose but still holding..
The clop clop of horses .. Bara looks through the fence well dam "abrivado the guardians " Well should be go back or head for the coral moo. The other bulls shake there heads at a walk then .
With a loud crash a truck plows through the fence just before the entrance of the coral arena . It then rams the fence across the road coming to a smoking stop people on the fence are thrown every where into the road onto of the truck into near by windows of buildings that line the road .
In to this chaos come Bara and the bulls trumpeting there displeasure at this mayhem normally they would be stomping people or goring them with out end but this time something had gone off as it were.
Bara comes to the first person a small child crying in the street smelling the child with his large nose he comes eye to eye his breath blowing the child's hair she screams shrilly he moos right back looking up the other bulls have gathered to look at this person the crowd clams minus the accossional screams of other wounded.
The guardians try to work there horses between the gathered bulls but the bulls mooing and shaking there tails close ranks the riders relise that if they push to much the child would be trampled ..
Bara tilts his head down so the child can use his horn to rise but that's not going to work he's a bit too tall mooing he lowers himself to his knee's thus lowering his horn that the child may pull herself up in between his head and his horn giggling despite the tears
Slowly he rises and carefully approaches the fence where many waiting people breathless help the wounded child through the fence .
The guardians murmur Bravo as there are many still in the street at the mercy of these bulls. The guardians had surrounded them in this pause keeping the bulls from moving to the gap the truck had made in the fence .
Except at that exact moment halter failed and a siren wailed . Sending a rider to the street and the horse bolted back the way the bulls had came.
Bara and the bulls dashed to the gap in the fence avoiding a few of the fallen that had not been pulled from the road .
There in this gap lay ruble and more people shaken by the passage of the truck . But through this chaos and confusion lay in the distance a patch a green. Bulls bellowed as one lunch! So moo on and weaving there way though the people on squad car signs blaring they did bang it on the way by the thundered down the road the guardian's in pursuit but the congesting of people on the sides of the roads prevented them from passing and turing the bulls .
The road lead to a large plaza filled with a gardens and a large fountain . There the bulls bellowed and started to grase and drink from the fountain . The guardians hastily reinforced by the people build a make shift coral around the plaza as the bulls proceed to feast and drink ..
Thus Bara and the bulls stopped and lay down in plaza much to the peoples surprise
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