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Prepare to reap a poet's wrath
So Paul Simon sang in vain.
For silence now does surely reign,
And every voice is stilled for shame.
Speak out, then never speak again.

Condemnation by an angry crowd.
For reason will no longer be allowed.
No common sense shall be avowed.
No one will stand alone unbowed.

Apologise for deeds long past.
Each careless word could be your last.
There are the questions never asked,
For fear the lies may be unmasked.

Each tongue is stilled, it might be dead,
Frozen in some fearful dread.
Private thoughts are best unsaid
Lest your intentions be misread.

Meaning should not be twisted round
Nor fierce accusations be unsound.
But moderation no longer can be found,
And innocence has gone to ground.

Console yourselves, this is the end.
Silence upon us does descend.
What's right and true we can't defend.
And what has broken, we can't mend.
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