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A wand my Daddy made for me - A Tribute for his 50th Anniversary.
A photo of my Mum and Dad with me when I was a baby

The Silver Wand

The Girl Guides' annual Christmas show was not that far away,
Preparations had been made before performance day.

Mum made me a fairy dress but then became too sick,
Every fairy needs a wand, and mine was needed quick!

Dad soon put himself to work to make a fairy wand,
He used materials he'd bought, and those he had to hand.

A simple length of garden cane, some silver ribbon too,
A tinsel star to top it off, with just a dab of glue.

He wound the ribbon round the stem as tight as it would go
And fixed the star upon the top to make it twinkle so.

When the big day came at last, I showed it off with pride,
"Look what my Daddy made for me!" I felt so good inside.

It was the best one of them all, above and far beyond,
It shone and sparkled like a star, a truly magic wand!

My Mum recovered from her illness in time for Christmas, but sadly missed the performance.

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