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A poem about a greedy queen, her knight, a dragon, and a magical sword
The Silver Queen sits atop her throne,
her dark knight kneels nearby
witnesses to the blood-soaked curse
and party to the crime.

With stealth and cunning the knight made way
into the midst of the dragon's hoard
and risked enflaming the dragon's ire
to steal away with it's magic sword.

The dragon indeed sensed this slight
and brought hell-fire upon the land
peasant and soldier, all, died in vain
while following the queen's command.

The dragon reclaimed his enchanted sword
and returned it to his legendary ​cave
then exacted revenge throughout the realm
​in search of the perfidious knave.

Now the queen rules over ashes and char
nary a subject nor house remains
just a queen and her misguided knight.
Such immense cost for nothing gained.

Written For: "Stormy's poetry newsletter & contest
Prompt: silver, dragon, dark, legend, knight, queen, sword, magic
Deadline: 8/6/21
Line Count: 20
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