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There's no other explanation
I'm old
there's no other explanation

I can't relate to today's music
I can't see the fascination.

What do the lyrics mean?
Why are the visuals thus?
It's me – I don't get the scene
I'm a big old pot of fuss.

My internet keeps going off
I'd like to listen again
But (hey, it's real, don't scoff)
In a few seconds, what a pain

I'll be offline and the song will stop
Or is that actually a relief?
That video rather looked a flop
That dates me, beyond belief!

So enjoy it while you can
while your ears are still young
Because years affect the ears
and when too much noise is sung

You'll just say 'I'm old'
and you won't really care
who laughs at your loud voice
Your age is yours to declare!

Thank you Prosperous Snow Globe for "Am I Old?
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