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Guess which author I'm reading now! The style of this one must give you an idea.
The hour of her rising being rather later than usual, and the expected arrival of the daily-help rather earlier, she was gratified to find that her father's ward boy had prepared breakfast for her. Nor was he wanting in his efficiency and decorum in offering it to her. "Yesterday's rice, heated up, Madam, and that, twenty minutes ago. Shall I put it on the fire again so that it be freshly warm for your enjoyment?"

Nay, she entreated him, there was no need to exert himself in such minor matters as re-heating rice already once warmed, albeit almost a half hour previously. It would do as well, for was she not the most un-fussy of eaters? Having thus begged for a compliment, she perceived one in his bowing and walking away to attend to her father's needs. "How obliging he is!" she exclaimed to herself. "How gracious and how thoughtful of my dear father's every want!"
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