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by Norman
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They weren't there just yesterday
I’m starting to get man boobs now
You know the ones I mean
The ones I never dreamed I’d get
When I was young and lean

They weren’t there just yesterday
I’m pretty sure of that
But it’s a sign I hate to see
It means I’m getting fat

I’ll have to get down to the gym
And do some exercise
If I don’t move my butt around
I’ll be an extra size

I hope that there’s some muscle left
Beneath this flabby skin
(In truth I never had much bulk
I used to be quite thin)

But I was always strong and fit
At least I tried to be
(You might have had a different view
Than what I thought of me)

It doesn’t matter, here I am
I’ll start to firm up now
I’m sure it’s not too late for me
I’ll get in shape somehow

What did you say? It can’t be so!
I’ll have to give up beer?
Oh man, that wasn’t part of this
Not what I want to hear

You know, these man boobs aren’t bad
They’re really kind of small
No need to give up beer right now
No need for that at all

It’s not like I’m the only one
Just take a look around
There are so many men with boobs
The quantities abound

Forget about that exercise
I’ll just wear bigger clothes
And if they’re selling man boob bras
I don’t want one of those

I’m glad I came up with a plan
And know what I will do
For now I’ll put the TV on
And have myself a brew

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