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Maybe a metaphor.
I took a journey on a train
my life would never be the same.
I found I had played every game,
and none of them was real.

A woman sitting next to me
she told my fortune easily.
“Your captive heart will soon be free,
Don't shackle it again.”

She vanished, I sat all alone
my travel took me far from home.
I pondered how she could have known,
that I was all at sea.

The guard asked me for my ticket, though
I knew I had one long ago,
It didn't show where I should go,
he punched it just the same.

On old man on the platform cold
spoke to me both stern and bold.
“You'd better do as you are told
Are you listening to me?”

I found I had strayed from the track,
Now I am lost, there's no way back.
Perhaps some day I'll find the knack,
Of leading myself home.

Returned to find so much had changed,
From all my friends I was estranged.
My whole life has been rearranged,
I must set out again.
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