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by Bob
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Stripling Sapling Trhee comes to earth with and is marooned in 18th century America.

Chapter One

Stripling Sapling Trhee has been chosen for intersteller exploration crew as lift cadet. He has levitated back home where his seed corn first fell to ground. Back to his beginnings.
"Mothree, Fathree, I have been chosen for the next expedition," He broadcast telepathically as he circled his giant mother and father who stood planted alone in a broad open grassland. His parents lifted their eyenuts to watch as he circled above them.
"It is well son," chortled his father, "What a thrill," said his mother softly.
"I remember well as lead Music Tree going on my first expedition. You are my sapling Trhee, and one day may grow into a fine Music Tree yourself." said his Father. "It depends on genetics dear, we don't know whether you will take after me or your father, time will tell. Go, do well as a lifter and come home safe," added his mother.
All the sentient trees on Home World could levitate, or lift. After a few days communing with his parents Trhee reported to lift pad and there the entire crew gathered around the great hollowed oak that had been crafted into a giant organ. Each limb hollowed and cut to proper length and cleft to produce perfect graduated notes. Bellows were installed in the base of the trunk and pumper bushes were in place already building pressure. Beautiful blonde and ebony keys by the hundreds worked the valving system for the harmonics that would be needed.
Trhee took his place at his lift limb along with the other lifters. The great Music Tree entwined his roots among the old root structure of the dead oak organ, gave the nod and the expedition lifted off.
When they were high in the rarified air above Home World Music Tree began his orchestral. He knew the symphony instinctively. The Windows of heaven exploded from the great oak organ as Music Tree felt for a world like their own. Looking, always looking for creatures like themselves. He connected with a new planet. Life was there, He changed chords making new arrangements as he homed in on the distant planet. The tender nuances of half notes and flutters in various octaves suddenly opened a portal in the sky above. Through the window all could see the beautiful blue world with its single moon floating nearby. All lifted with all their might, soared through the window in heaven, while weightless, did the rollover and settled into the sweet clear atmosphere of Earth.
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