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No Dialogue Contest for "Rising Stars" class for August 2021
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Tamoorie and Jonania were so close, and yet so far apart. No longer wanted by his tribe, he became an outcast. Because he didn't want to fight everyone's battles, it made him different from the others. They thought of him as a misfit, since he didn't want to participate in any activities that would cause him to yell. Wherever he went, conflicts would follow. It wasn't intentional; he was a quiet person who didn't appreciate, or understands why we had to go to war; a peaceful existence was all he wanted. People were threatened by him, even though he didn't bother anybody. At a very young age, probably about six, he was learning very quickly how mean people were. If he batted an eye, they immediately thought that he was up to something. At the mere mention of his name, everyone squirmed. What was it that he did that made them fidget in their seats? Were they jealous because of being different than they were? Time would tell the answer to this question.

Jonania, on the other hand, was a very skeptical kind of person. She would take any given situation, think about it for a while, and question whether or not to believe that what was being told to her was accurate. This was a difficult decision for her; it was due to a handicap that no one could see physically. She had a mental illness that left her in a tizzy (slang. a. a dither b. a nervous, excited, or distracted state). She went undiagnosed for a long time; everyone knew that something was wrong, but they couldn't put their fingers on what was wrong, but they couldn't put their fingers on what was wrong. She was a paranoid schizophrenic with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. This was a triple whammy (bad luck or misfortune), which left her without any friends.

Tamoorie and Jonania met on a whim (an odd or capricious notion or desire; a sudden or freakish fancy; a sudden whim to take a midnight walk). On the beach, at sunset, Tamoorie sat alone on a rock. About a mile away, when the darkness hit, Jonania was sitting on a stump in the forest. This happened during the summertime at 6:00 p.m. It was still light outside, but it appeared dark to them, because of what they both endured. For whatever reason, they both decided to take a walk to decide how to overcome their dilemma. It took them by surprise when they bumped into each other. With one look, they knew that they were troubled by something.

Whatever their destination, a friendship developed that was undeniable. Tamoorie and Jonania both struggled with being accepted. It's such a shame. What happened next was the question that everyone was talking about. What were they going to do? The answer to the question would amaze everyone. Tamoorie found a way to gain acceptance, while Jonania sought help when she got herself on some medication. She felt much better; it was the best thing for herself that she did.

The mental health professional took Jonania under her wing; she knew that she needed help, and needed it desperately. Shayla was the name of the mental health professional. Without her, Jonania's survival would be in question. It was a miracle that a solution to her problem could be done.

Jonania carried a tremendous weight on her shoulders for a lot of years. When she began feeling better, she saw things in a different way. A smile of beauty showed upon her face. All was looking up in Jonania's world. She felt happiness all around her. She did have setbacks from time to time, but handling them was a whole lot better.

Tamoorie's life was changed because of Jonania. She proved that no matter how bad a situation was, there was hope. Tamoorie began to pray that his tribe would accept him back. It was only because of prayer that his family welcomed him back with open arms. It's amazing what faith and hope can do to someone who's been rejected the way he had. Tamoorie also ended up with a smile that was contagious to everyone, including animals. Everything was an adventure; his life was full of opportunities and fulfillment.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, August 18, 2021

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