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by Bob
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Chapt. Two Trhee gets marooned
The Music Tree

Chapter Two

As the team of lifters eased the oak organ toward the continent below the Music Tree directed them toward a verdant forested well watered land. Once settled all team members scattered across the country side observing flora and fauna. Each green thing of any size they broadcast a greeting but so far nothing answered.
In his exuberance Trhee ranged farthest out from oak organ, their only means of returning home.
He got lost in his love for this new foreign land. The beautiful forest around him was so primitive that no green sentience answered his call. Still he ranged out.

Across the galaxy a supernova exploded and the report moved out in all directions at the speed of light distorting space and time as it flashed across the ether. Music Tree sensed the calamity and lifted to oak organ and began frantically playing Windows of Heaven. He instinctively knew the energy wave coming their way would close their pathway home for years maybe if they didn't move fast. Music Tree broadcast EMERGENCY ABANDON EXPEDITION as his roots and tendrils raced across the keyboard. Pumper bushes were thrusting viciously making pressure for the great organ. The lifter crew flew in from all directions frantically taking their positions. Straining with all their might oak organ began to lift.
In the far distance Trhee heard the music, heard the call. He wrenched his roots from the rich bottom land soil and lifted with all his might. His leaves and branches sang through the wind as he flew. He saw in the distance oak organ rising ever faster, saw the window open above them, caught a glimpse of far away Home World as the crew did turn over and cried out in anguish as the window snapped shut with a thunder clap. Trhee circled slowly below the closed window knowing he would never see Home World again.

This new world was huge. Great oceans spanned the globe. Far away rain forests flourished, so Trhee began to explore. He ranged north till he grew uncomfortable with the cold. He moved south lifting over broad deserts where water was deep underground and sometimes unreachable. He took his time and savored the rich cool and humid rain forests of the far south. After years of travel he returned to the area where Music Tree had first chosen to set down. He spent a winter there with his roots sunk deep in the moist, rich soil near a clear ever running creek. He slumbered there among the non sentient trees content to meditate through the colder season waiting patiently for spring.
Lightning struck a tall snag nearby and set the woods on fire. It took a bit to wake up and get moving. He almost got his branches singed as he lifted free of the earth and soared away over the forest. Fire was the only thing Trhee instinctively feared. Remembering how his parents were situated on Home World he move to a grassy hill top with no other trees nearby and settled there sinking his roots to the water table below. Trhee had searched the world and no green thing ever answered his call. He knew he was alone on this world so there he sat and grew. The seasons rolled by as he grew tall and thick in the trunk. Even back on Home World he would have been thought of as a mighty tree.
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