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Tried a new style of writing. Inspired from real life incidents. May require editing.
Broken by fate and two innocent hands
My life was sad kicking every pile of sand.
Moon in the sky or Sun bright
all I had was a difficult fight.

All friends I had were made of stone
Laughed seeing me cry all alone.
Whether in the playground or in the school
All I wanted to do was to get home soon

Made from good not from evil, so bad
She was who neither let me happy nor let me sad.

My creation or God’s all,
neither so short nor so tall.
She made my brain her happiness hall
Putting a stop to my befall

She did communicate, not by spoken words
But helped me every time in escaping the mud.
She gave me will when I was ill
Never led me downwards the hill.

Penning down the emotions I wish she had
She neither let me happy nor let me sad.

Made of breeze which trees let ease
All she took was a smile but no fees
We did play in the leisure times
Hearing the same old passing chimes

When she blew my anger which my mind did had
All she did was made me mad,
But again, with no words spoken as I said
She chilled my mind to same happy lad.

Hence I recalled,
“You never let me happy
You never let me sad”

Superior than me as her friend told
Still, she took away my sad old cold
So strong, taking nothing, giving happiness
She never needed my help when her work did mess.

Yes, "I do have other friends", she communicated me.
They made her fly in the air, so carefree.
She spoke to them not to me, my bad
I was her best but weakest friend she had

As my tenses do speak, she did fade away into air and grain.
Passing time took my imagination, oh my brain!

Strong with age but thrown aback
l still do remember that silence now I lack
Reading down this same ballad
About someone:-

Who always made me happy,
Never let me sad. *StarStruck*

The weather so hot, hoping to see that same old friend
I am afraid not, it’s not the end
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