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Poem in the Octelle form, about Robert Johnson
Legend has it that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil to become a brilliant Blues Musician. This was the theme taken in the 1986 film 'Crossroads'. But there is another interpretation, and that is that Johnson met the Voodoo God Papa Legba at those Crossroads - to learn wisdom and get some divine guidance.

Here is the Octelle. It has Eight lines with syllable counts 8,8, 7,7, 7,7, 8,8 and a rhyme scheme AA bb cc AA - with the last two lines the same as the first two.

Robert Johnson Blues music man
Waits at the crossroads with a plan
Came to get some good advice
Then the Devil named his price
Believe that and you'd be wrong
Legba gave this guy his song
Robert Johnson Blues music man
Waits at the crossroads with a plan

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