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April '20 Challenge - Day 23 Write about write
Wow, write about write?

This is a brand new type of challenge for me.

I will be happy to brief you about my writing.

It is something that provides enjoyment, as well as top-notch much needed therapy for me to express my thoughts and feelings. You see, I am certainly not the world's expert at verbal communication, so writing, safer to say, is a much better outlet for me to relay my thoughts. When I write, I can always go back to add, delete or even edit words. I can do it just once, or if needed I can do it twice, or even thrice if I really need to.

My very first blog was my post on bisexuality, entitled "Bisexuals love you BOTH!"

This started my writing hobby/career, on August 25, 2018!

It started out as a short, almost antagonistic piece, but as I kept making edits and added links to pertinent articles, it transformed into what it has blossomed into today, an article explaining the double discrimination we face from both sides. Besides being on its original site, I have also published it on biresource.org.

It is on a few sites to reach out to others to explain what we face. It just took off from there as it spiraled onto many other prestigious websites!

I have written such a diverse array of topics, but my main forte are the TABOO topics that are so difficult for others to write about. The 2 I write about are bisexuality and also nudism now. Most of the time I compose material on my personal thoughts and feelings, writing about whatever comes to mind.

At one time, I had 80 writings on FL alone.

When I created the best material I have ever written, about my experience sharing my moral passion for my lifestyle with a lady, I achieved the honor of being offered a position as a visiting author on nudeandhappy.com where I also have a handful of articles pertaining to my clean respectable family friendly lifestyle, nudism.

As I continued moving up in the industry, I then got my first blog website, writenowchris.com on Blogger. As I continued improving my stature, I created my current website you will find my work on, https://www.christopherjeremiahblog.com/
I really have an uplifting, encouraging experience writing, as I express my thoughts on "paper," ..err ...uh, actually a computer screen. Nothing lifts my spirits more or encourages me further beyond reason as when others are telling me that my work helps others to understand my lifestyle better, as they may share it with me.

In late '20, I finished a very brave and controversial article on how children fare between nudity and violent video games. I posted it on my site for all to see on Nov 4, 20 while also mentioning it on Twitter. It would surprise you by what the consensus is at its conclusion, especially with my thorough research on this topic.

I always enjoy and encourage comments on my writing, so I can see if you like it and I am coming across the correct way, or if I may be totally off the wall. But with no comments or feedback, I do not know what you think. I rarely have the talent of communicating correctly verbally, so I attempt to rectify my lack of communication skills through my writing skills as well.

Peruse my other impressive material and see whether nudism or exhibitionism came out ahead, for instance. To the oblivious textiles, the difference will be very educational.

Well, now that you are very familiar with my chosen topics, you can look at my site for more insight into my thoughts and values on the way I think. My website, as mentioned above, is just a click away.

Oh, did I mention I love getting comments?

Now is your chance!

Thanks for your attention and always,

Newd Hugs,

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