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A broken down hospital. Mysterious pieces left behind. What happened, and why?

         Sarah, you must wake up. There's a reason you are here. You are important, you are unique, but you must wake up!
Sarah woke up. She was confused, scared. How is she here? The wallpaper was peeling at the seems with the dirty yellow color, moss slowly eating away at the cement as if it were a monster of the plants. The one window in the room had white light engulfing the room in its static beauty, while blinding Sarah. The hospital bed she was in had been stained and rusted to the point of no return. The stains were black, the rust covering all of the metal bars completely. The floor's original block design was also peeled halfway off the room's floor, revealing wet and musty hardwood. But Sarah had a goal to accomplish.
She was thinking about the voice that she had heard a moment earlier. She shook her head in agitation. But she felt something inside her. A desire to move, escape, and find the mystery.

Chapter 1

         Sarah stepped out of the room to see what would be waiting beyond this asylum. It was a long corridor with what seemed to be no end. Its smell was urine, making Sarah cover her nose in digust. The same light from earlier was in this hallway. The light made it feel calm and safe, but the corners were still dark pits with no visible end. The floor was covered in medical papers with unreadable ink, and there was an absurd amount of windows in this one corridor. After Sarah finished her analysis of this area, she stumbled down the corridor.
         Sarah proceeded down the corridor at a slow rate, putting foot by foot in each of the tiles. She had to take occasional side steps around viles, epipens, and needles. She also squinted at the wall when she noticed the bloody messages of patients. Many of those messages were screams of help, written poorly and being a challenge to translate. Don't let them do it to you; It hurts; The Moon watches, It controls us. Sarah had a keen mind, but she didn't have enough pieces of the puzzle. She didn't want to make an assumption of it. Sarah constantly stopped in place to analyze things. She had to make an effort to keep going, as her mind kept setting off alarms because she had found evidence or important information leading to her past.
         Sarah's eyes were now half-closed and she was walking slower than she just had. She felt light-headed and was experiencing the body heat of the flu. Constant yawns would follow this feeling. This is normal for you. You're nocturnal, Sarah. You can't stay up forever! Just go to sleep, and have a sweet dream. But I'm watching. Sarah passed out, head first, on the floor in a T-pose.
         Sarah never thought about what she was wearing the entire 30 minutes she was awake. Was she wearing a gown? An outfit? A shirt? It must've been a gown. A hospital gown. When Sarah woke up, she was in the pure darkness. The moon was gone. But...she heard a growl. Her eyes went wide, and she held her breath. Who was waiting for her? What did it want from her? It spoke in quick breaths.

"Hail the moon, HAIL THE MOON! It kills the dumb...it savors the smart. You're not smart, are you? Well...better run, Sarah. I've got no time...for the job I do."

Chapter 2

         Sarah was still holding her breath. Maybe it spoke to the darkness, not me, Sarah thought. Yes, that's what she want, but that wasn't the reality. The beast wanted her. Sarah was still like a statue. She needed to think fast or she would be the beast's meal. So, she got up ran back towards where she came from. Her heart was pumping fast and her muscles ache as she kept running through the void that was a corridor. What could she do to escape? Was there any defense options? She had moments of adrenaline and fear when she tripped over the viles and epipens on the floor, but she brought herself back up. She kept looking back to check her distance, but she could only use her ears to guess the beast's position. "Getting close, Sarah! Why are you still running?" The beast heckled. Sarah continued down the void...then saw a light in a room. It was a yellow light bulb that was blinking in a 1-2-pattern. She took a sharp right turn and slammed the door as hard as she could without breaking it.
         The room had the same bed Sarah was in, but the room had more than just a bed and window. The walls and floor still looked brand new, making the space unnatural.There was a metal table next to the bed with a variety of surgical tools and a paper. A medical report of some sort. It was legible.


Patient Name: Jack Brown
Condition: Insanity
Treatment: Brain Modification

Jack Brown, a 23 year old man, came to the Moon Clinic with a conditon of being mentally insane. When Jack was asked about his condition and how he got to a point of insanity, he responded with: "The moon told me my purpose. It told me that it will rid everyone of their worries and bring them to spiritual peace. All you need to do is speak to him." The patient was dismissed to a psychologist. There was no luck. The psychologist said he had entered a irreversible state of mind. They couldn't figure it out.

This has been my most interesting patient. I never suspected I would deal with a patient who claims the moon has the power of God. Ever since his visit, I have studied the moon and notice things. The moon is out all day and it is extremely close to the Earth's surface when it appears at night. Its light is blinding. It emits some obscure energy I don't even know. I have studied the moon for weeks and have had no luck in the secret of this moon. For whoever reads this, I hope you don't get interested in the moon. It makes me do things I wouldn't do on a day to day basis. I don't even remember who I am. You must hail the moon. It really is our God. The moon will relieve your pain.


         To top off the obscure report Sarah just read, stained blood was in the bottom right corner of the page. It was a simple smiley face with a long grin and perfect teeth. BOOM! The door was being pushed into the room. The hinges made sure the door stayed in place, but it looked like it would burst out of the frame soon. Sarah hid in the conveninent closet in the back of the room.
         CRASH! The door fell before the beast. The beast had now been illuminated in the room. The beast was a wolf...no ordinary wolf. Its body was wide and muscular with brown fur. It had tally mark scars on its paws and eyes. Its claws were chipped and only one paw had any claws at all. The eyes of the beast were bead-y black eyes with no pupils. They were just like the void Sarah ran do. The beast also had one ear, and brusies and burns across its body in random locations. "Sarah, I am here! You have to come out at some point, I will wait for you," The beast said. Before it talked again, it growled then spoke hoarsely again. "You're in the closet, AREN'T YOU? Oh, Sarah! What a horrible place to be." It laughed for a moment, then silence filled the room. It was then interrupted again by the beast's breathing near the door.
         Sarah slowly cracked the door and still held her breath. She felt a surge of bravery. Her face was turning purple, but once she saw the beast, she breathed again.

         The beast was more disgusting than the hospital walls and floor. Sarah had to cover her mouth to stop herself from throwing up. She pinched herself, then opened her eyes. She looked at the beast...and saw something in it. Fear. Anxiety. The beast was staring right at Sarah but was still breathing as much as he did a minute ago. "You're different, S-Sarah. I didn't expect you to come out and face me as you are," The beast remarked. Sarah stood with a smirk, her arms across her chest. The beast was still standing. They stared for a little while....
         The beast snarled then proceeded to walk towards the door frame with a knocked down wooden door. "I will let you live for this one time. Y-Y-You've...scared me. I'll see you later, Sar-...Sarah. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah," The beast recited. The beast now seemed completely different. It had some sort of soft spot for...something. It was unknown. Sarah looked around, then looked out the door frame and her heart beat sped up and her breathing became tense. The pits of darkness (void) were as deep as the beast's eyes. They were being held back by the one lights source that was the very room Sarah is in. The moment Sarah would walk out, she would be consumed by the mysterious pits of darkness (void). She then calmed down when she saw a flashlight near the metal table. She turned it on and watched it flicker and create a stable beam of light. Sarah took a deep breath and exited through the doorway.

Chapter 3

         Sarah was stumbling down the hall once again. It became a chore for her to proceed down these halls. They were all the same as the first one she saw. Nothing had changed since her encounter with the beast. She continued walking...and walking. She noticed smaller details on the walls as she walked with the flashlight. There was hand prints on the walls and that smiley face again. It looked more terrifying up close than on the paper. The design was at a state of perfection when it was big and covered a entire wall. Even though the journey of escape and recovery felt repetitive, Sarah felt a sense of progress happening as she continued down the hall. Even then, she never knew what was coming up.

* * *

         Jack was dashing down a long corridor of the hospital. He was breathing heavily and his chest was puffing up and down. Just as he reached a door, there was a scrape across the ground. A baseball bat. A skinny man wearing a sleeveless leather jacket. His face was obscured by a gas mask. "Rambo," Jack gasped. "Surprised? I really am just the best at my job, unlike your pathetic methods. I kill anyone who isn't part of us. I wanted you to kill someone today, and what did you do?" Rambo recited.

"I didn't kill anyone."

         Rambo smacked his bat hard against Jack's head. He fell over and got back up. He was wincing from the pain. He had his eyes closed, but there was a line of blood going down his head. "I didn't hit you that hard, did I? Need a band-aid? HA! You're strong, so stop whining," Rambo stated. Jack wanted to growl, to kill Rambo. He would have then completed his goal, but he knew Rambo would win. He knew Rambo's secret strength. It was that bat. The bat was a metal bat with a red triangle pattern on it. How could the bat be so powerful? It was Rambo that made it strong, and brutal. "I am off to do my own thing, Jack. You better kill someone by the time I get back, or I'll knock out your brain and slit your eyes open!" Rambo ordered. Jack was still standing, not moving. He waited until Rambo walked off into the distance.

* * *

         Sarah was around a corner when she heard a scrape. A long, high pitched scrape. It definitely wasn't Jack. Sarah stood, thinking of what to do. She didn't want to look, but she had to. She saw it. A person. The person had a metal bat with red triangles and also was slim like a carrot. His face was obscured by a gas mask, and he was wearing a leather jacket with no sleeves. His skin was dark, and he was looking around in all directions. Sarah stepped back down the corridor. She was frozen. She didn't know what to do, and how to do it. "I smell someone...who is there?" Rambo asked. Sarah held her breath once again. She was shaking, trying to keep her balance as she was standing in place. Her ears felt cold, and she was sweating abnormally. The man, Rambo, came around the corner.
         Sarah sprinted down the hall. She didn't look back once, because it sounded like the man was right behind her. He was catching up and he was slowly lifting up his bat at an inteval. 1...2...3...4. WOOSH! It missed. As the man tried to hit Sarah, Sarah went around the corner. There was now a hole in the wall thanks to Rambo's aggressive, yet powerful, hit of his bat. Sarah was still sprinting, almost out of breath. She was looking all over, her eyes going in circles for a place to hide. "You can't run, Sarah! I know who you are, and you must die," Rambo yelled. "I am so excited to get you over with. My servant wouldn't even kill you, so I must do it myself. You are an easy target."
Sarah stopped, and looked behind her. The man was still going. He wasn't stopping. Sarah then saw another room. A room with the same yellow light as the other one she had previously been in. This was her only chance at staying hidden...possibly. She ran inside the room and locked the door. It had a lock, what a miracle! It had the same door as all the other rooms in the hospital, and the same boring asthetic. Yellow walls, yellow floor, looks brand new. The same metal table. In this room, though, there was curtains on the windows and they were pitch black. Sarah had then noticed a man in the bed of the room, seemingly unconscious.
         Footsteps were approaching outside, so Sarah turned off the lights and proceeded to hide in the same convenient closet. While she was in here, it smelled horrid. The smel reminded her of dead human remains, almost as if the closet had something hidden inside.
The door was bashed open in the same way as Jack had broken it down. Stay quiet, Sarah. Don't let the executor get you. He is quite keen and powerful. The man flipped on the light switch and examined the room. He was eager to see the man in the bed, and was even more eager to see all of the important documents that the man in the bed desired. The man had a long speech to himself. "His reports...just what I need to get him dead. Sorry, Mr. Patter, but you might be dead soon. I can just bash you with my trusty bat, but that's boring. I want more action in your death. You know, I hate you Mr. Patter. Why did you let Jack Brown in this place? Didn't he seem suspicious to you at all? No? Oh, Mr. Patter, how gullible you are! Due to your pure stupidity of your actions, you will end up joining us, and you might break us down! That Jack guy, he doesn't listen to me! You didn't follow my promise! I promised I would help you get Jack out of insanity if you would join us. You didn't...you 'fixed' him. Thanks to your poor medication, he is now a werewolf, and is as gentle as a feather and more insane than me. HAHAHAHA! Fool, fool! I am going to let you live once, but in the mean time, you better join us, or at least kill someone...like Sarah."
         Rambo opened the closet door and saw her there. SWOOSH! Oh, he missed again! Rambo hit a container in the closet, causing it to fall over. Once it fell over, blood was seeping out of the container and a brain slipped across the ground in its dead grey color. Black fluid was seeping out of the top of this brain. So, that was the smell that Sarah smelled, brains in old containers that were fragile. Rambo then proceeded to take Sarah and thrust her against the wall on his right. Sarah's ears rang, and her eyes were half open. She felt she was in a space between consciousness and sub-conciousness. The man was truly strong. But to Sarah's surprise, Rambo stopped in place. It was like a revelation occured in Rambo's mind. Sarah, he can't kill you. He is not powerful. I gave it to him, but he has a weak spot. Hit him as hard as you can. Without even thinking, Sarah hit Rambo right in the gut. Sarah launched herself back when she realized what she done. She was staring at her fists. She truly was no ordinary girl. Rambo was launched back to the other side of the room.

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