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Daily Flash Fiction 8/23/21 W/C 289

Urban Renewal

Herbert took great care of his yard. That grass stayed a vibrant green, even in a drought, always kept clipped evenly and neatly. He stood today on his porch surveying the emerald carpet.

Then it happened. A car took a run over the curb, made a circle in the grass, then veered back off into the street and back to town.

“No! Get back here! Hey…”

He stood at the curb, heartbroken. His beautiful lawn ruined. Now it was as ugly as the others around him. Those brown, bindweed ridden, grasshopper infested, dried-out pieces of crap. He made a plan. It would take time, but it would work, he prayed.

“Job pays minimum. You have to come each day, before tee-time. If it rains, you don’t work. Mowing and fertilizing are your main jobs. You do know how to do those, right?” The man eyed Herbert, chewed on a cigar.

“Of course.”

“Yeah, well, the last guy didn’t. That’s why the job’s open. Be here tomorrow at 6 AM.”

Herbert got the job at the golf course. He ran the machines. He made sure the grass stayed green and groomed.

Then one day he borrowed a tractor, drove that tractor back to town. In his garage, he attached a snow plow he’d manufactured from old car parts. Then he plowed up all the yards on all the streets in town.

After he got done plowing, he returned the tractor. He went to the office of the man at the golf course.

“I quit,” said Herbert.

“But, you just started.”

“No, I’m finished.” Herbert walked outside. Police cars lined the drive, waiting for him.

“Herbert, what do you think you’re doing?” asked the chief.

“Some much-needed urban renewal.”

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