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a continuation of my series
Rocco flipped up the collar of his leather jacket and stretched his feet more under the table. His hazel eyes scanned the room, a smirk etched on his lips. The waitress who’d just given him and his friend their drinks was cute. He wondered if he could use his charm on her. After all, that’s what helped him get ladies before.

He clanked his glass against the one his friend was holding up and took a sip of his ice cold beer.

“That was a great win yesterday, eh, Frankie?”

Frankie, his childhood best friend and Captain of the team, laughed and placed his glass back on the table.

“Yeah, for sure.”

Rocco pushed his dirty blonde hair back further from his face and mumbled something about getting it cut before scanning the room again.

His eyes found Mia, wearing black leggings and an oversized turquoise sweatshirt, talking to Lukas.

He studied Lukas, his eyes narrowing, and concluded that Lukas wasn’t a bad looking kid, but he wasn’t Mia’s type.

Like an old movie scene, he slowly set down his drink and scooted closer to the end of the booth, his eyes never leaving Mia or Lukas.

He watched as Lukas kissed Mia’s hand and reassured her that he’d be back before pushing himself away from the booth and walking in the direction of the bathroom.

Rocco pulled on the sleeves of his jacket so he could look more presentable before casually slipping out of the booth and strutted over towards Mia.

He stopped just a few feet shy of Mia’s booth. After all, it wouldn’t look good for him to scare Mia by getting close to her.

“Hey there, girlie.”

Mia jumped at his voice and scooted herself towards the corner of the booth, her hands now frantically squeezing her calming ball. The bottle of pepper spray pushed into her stomach and she mentally noted to use it if needed.

Rocco crossed his arms over his chest and stepped backwards, something between a smirk and a smile playing on his lips.

“Why don’t ya come over and join me and my friend? We got a drink or two to spare.”

Mia shook her head so hard, she almost gave herself whiplash and slipped her hand into her pocket. She closed it around her bottle and tried to steady her breathing.

“Really? Nah, that’s what you want to say?”

Rocco leaned himself on the table and reached his hand up to fix his collar, showing off a part of his devil tattoo in the process.

“C’mon, angel! What’s one drink going to hurt? Your boyfriend isn’t around right now, is he?”

Mia pushed her sleeve up to nervously scratch her arm, showing off the temporary henna butterfly tattoo she’d gotten at a festival two days earlier. She shook her head no again and pulled her other hand--with the pepper spray bottle inside--out of her pocket.

Rocco wanted to say more, but out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Lukas exiting the bathroom door. Deciding that he didn’t want to cause a scene with Lukas, he pushed himself off the table, winked at Mia, and wandered back off to join his friend.

Mia flew out of her seat and clung to Lukas, her entire body shaking. She took in big gulps of air that left her choking as she tried to calm herself.

Lukas sat down and pulled Mia into his lap, shooting a death glare in Rocco’s direction. He wanted to fight this guy but decided to leave it for the ice. Mia right now was his main priority.

The car had just barely stopped in the driveway before Mia unbuckled her seatbelt. She squirmed in her seat and bit her lower lip so hard it started to bleed. Why was Lukas taking so long? She needed to see her brother.

Lukas opened the door and Mia jumped out, her stomach still swirling at a million miles an hour. The meeting with Rocco still hadn’t left her mind; she knew she’d be thinking about it the rest of the day.

Lukas placed a hand on Mia’s back and steered her up the driveway. Mia hadn’t exactly opened up to him about what happened between her and Rocco but he couldn’t deny how terrified she was. He had a feeling she wasn’t coming to the game tonight.

Mia twisted away from Lukas and bolted into Zeke’s arms, her breathing once again becoming heavy. She was of course very grateful for Lukas calming her down at the restaurant but she needed her brother right now.

Zeke winced at Mia’s harsh breathing and combed his fingers through her hair.

“Rocco was at the restaurant today, wasn’t he?”

Lukas stumbled over to his side and nodded.

“Yep, he sure was. I don’t know what he did or said to Mia, but she came bolting right at me the minute he left the table.”

Zeke squeezed Mia tighter against him and gritted his teeth; the hand on Mia’s back shaking. He hated that Rocco had to keep messing with his sister. Why couldn’t he find someone else to bother?

“I did find it interesting that he left her alone when I started walking over there.”

Zeke let out a noise that was between a snort and a laugh.

“Yeah, cause he’s a coward. He won’t taunt Mia when someone else is by her side but he’ll do it when she’s alone. I’d love to see him try anything with me or Jax there.”

Just then, a silver Ford truck turned into the driveway. Katrina was driving while Jax sat in the passenger’s seat. Zeke had gone home from the rink earlier, so Katrina had offered to pick Jax up.

Katrina raced up to Zeke while Jax walked slowly behind her. There was a tenseness hanging in the air that either of them could explain, but the way Mia was clinging to Zeke, something happened.

“Rocco bothered her when I took her out to lunch today,” Lukas explained, his fingers drumming against the top of his leg.

Jax and Zeke shared a look, a long look that only brothers could, and Jax nodded, knowing what he had to do. He wasn’t planning on going back to the rink, but plans changed.

Rocco wasn’t the only one who could play the dirty game.
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