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the rising of the sun
clouds mar the pre-dawn sky
charcoal smudges on a navy canvas
fog has settled in the bottom lands
its ghostly shroud obscuring sight
to the east, a lightening commences
the palette of sky fading hues of blue
ever lighter ‘till only the barest hint
of blue remains upon the horizon
as the sun peeks over the edge of the world
with it are brought orange, pink, and yellow
illuminated by the incoming dawn
the charcoal smudges remain,
taking on tones of magenta and plum
the bottom land fog is blinding now
each miniscule droplet a tiny prism
refracting the meager light of the newborn sun
as the sun comes out of hiding
it brings a clarity to the world around me
trees, once black blobs in the darkened background
can now begin to be seen in detail
silent witnesses to the waking of the day
the eastern sky now glows richly bright
clouds haloed in neon pink and orange
while the western sky competes in opposition
still asleep and night darkened
and on continues the sun, an angel rising
driving back the darkness and its fears
till once again all are enlightened
and the clouds become cotton candy puffs
lazily drifting across a Blue Curacao sky
as the sun rises into the heavens
and chases away the blanketed fog.

Line Count: 32
Free Verse
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