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It was Winter Time; the leaves have fallen off the trees. The trees were bare, leaving a chilling effect on the mind; isolation and loneliness began to creep in. Being shut-in with no place to go, the telephone didn't rind, and friends weren't thinking of me. I was bewildered by the fact that this was happening. My relatives didn't talk to me after my mother passed away during the summer. I wandered off to a deli to escape the emptiness of being unwanted; rejected by those whom I needed for comfort. I wanted to cry, but I stuffed my tears inside trying to be strong. Putting on a front, pretending that I wasn't bothered by what was happening was devastating to the point of being numb. There was snow on the ground, too slippery to walk. Granted, I had to walk very slowly, praying that I wouldn't fall and break some bones. The mountains looked beautiful; how could I feel so sad. It's understandable with what I was going through, but unbelievable to most people. I didn't say anything to anyone because I was scared. The character in this story is about me.

I felt trapped inside of the manufactured home with my sister. I worked diligently trying to pack up my mother's belongings. I was constantly being told that I wasn't doing anything. I couldn't move things out because I didn't drive, and couldn't afford to pay anyone to help me. I was humiliated beyond belief; I felt so helpless.

Scene 2 - Before my mother had passed away, I was talking to the elders of the church. I wanted to make sure that I would be the first one to speak, sharing a poem that I wrote in honor of my mother. If I hadn't done that, I was sure that I wouldn't have been able to speak. I felt relieved that it worked out that way. To this day, I have lost relatives; the ones left still don't speak to me. From time to time, sadness and depression hit me. Being forgotten is a scary place to be in. Being afraid of having to go to the hospital, and nobody is there to visit me or help me. Being ignored is worse, I feel than even being lonely.

There is a purpose for me to be in this world. My faith keeps me strong. Even so, there are times when I hope that someone will understand where I'm coming from. Everyone needs friends to talk to, be a shoulder to lean on. Having a childhood friend who rejects all your telephone calls, makes me sad.

When I was growing up in the Winter Time, I got out a sled, hooked it up to a pony named "Little Joe", and hung on to the sled until he came up to a fence, and almost couldn't stop. I was grateful that this didn't turn into an accident. I felt protected by God; He was watching over me; I'm excited about that!

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Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, August 31, 2021
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