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Cecil the Unicorn wants a rainbow to cheer up his bunny buddy. Contest Entry.

"Gosh, I miss my bunny buddy, Bradley," Cecil told his mom. "I'm so sorry he's not well."

"I know, love. Unicorns have a lot of sympathy." His mother caressed him tenderly with her horn. "We feel deeply both joys and sorrows, and are close to those we love."

"Maybe I'll bring him a rainbow. That will cheer him up!" Rainbows were one of Cecil's favorite things.

"What a lovely thought. I wish you the best of luck, my son."

So Cecil set off to the meadow to catch a rainbow. Rainbows could be caught, he knew, because his father had brought him one for his last birthday. It hadn't lasted long, but Cecil had been thrilled that his dad had brought it, and while it was there, he and his sisters had played under and around it and marveled at its brilliant colors.

Once in the meadow, Cecil scampered around and gazed about in delight. There were flowers in a dozen colors. Butterflies flitted gaily, enjoying the flowers. In the trees around the meadow, birds cheeped and tweeted and whistled. Just for fun, he counted them: there were 21 birds in all. Maybe. Counting them was hard because they kept flying from tree to tree. The meadow was a warm and sunny and beautiful place that made Cecil's heart soar with delight. But though he looked all around and high and low, there was not a rainbow in sight.

"Oh! Right! Water!" Rainbows liked water, and tended to show up after a rainstorm. He couldn't make it rain, but he did know where to find water. He went back through the forest to the place where his mother was relaxing in the sunshine. "Mama, there are no rainbows in the meadow. But I think I know where to find one. May I please go to the lake to look for rainbows?"

"Of course, dear. But watch the sun, and when it starts to go down, please come home for supper."

Off went Cecil to the lake. The lake was almost prettier than the meadow. The wind chased little waves towards the shore. Sunshine sparkled off the top of every wave, making little diamonds dance across the water. Cat-tails bobbed gently to and fro and waved to Cecil as he passed. Dragonflies darted back and forth like flying jewels flashing in the sun. It was a bright and dazzling sight that made Cecil's heart swell with joy. But though he looked all around and high and low, there was not a rainbow in sight.

Saddened by the lack of rainbows to cheer his buddy Bradley, he decided to stroll around the shore. When he next saw Brad, he could at least tell him how pretty the meadow and lake were. Maybe that would cheer him up. Or maybe it would make him feel bad, not being able to see them and play there with Cecil? But although he walked more than halfway around the lake, and though he looked all around and high and low, there was not a rainbow in sight.

He had gone almost fully around the lake when to his surprise and delight, he spotted a small rainbow on the shore ahead, partly hidden by some hills. He leapt and capered in glee and dashed toward it. Behind the hills was a stream with a small waterfall dashing into rocks along the lakeshore. The waterfall chuckled and danced and hurled spray into the air. The spray glimmered and sparkled in the sun. And arching over the waterfall and playing in the spray was the most beautiful little rainbow a unicorn could desire.

Cecil ran through the spray, laughing in gladness. Now he would catch the rainbow and bring it back to Bradley. Bradley's heart would be gladdened and he would feel better and Cecil would feel better too.

Cecil tried to nip the rainbow in his teeth. His teeth went right through. He tried to stab it with his horn. The horn cut right through. He tried to stomp on it with his hooves. The rainbow just moved over. He tried to wrap his tail around it. But he couldn't really wrap his tail and all he did was kind of wag his backside at the rainbow. Slippery little critter. How on earth had his father caught one?

Tired and disappointed, the little unicorn slumped down on the lake shore. The sun warmed him, and spray from the waterfall cooled and refreshed him. The rainbow danced in front of him and around him and on top of him, like a little tease. But Cecil wasn't fooled. He knew the rainbow wouldn't be caught. Maybe when he grew up and got more magic, like his dad, he'd catch one. Meanwhile, maybe there was some other way to cheer Bradley Bunny.

Rested, Cecil got up and went the rest of the way around the lake. As he walked, he was thinking hard. What could he bring to his friend? What might he do for Bradley? How could he help his bunny buddy? As he wandered, he grazed on the tender grass and new clover that grew in abundance along the shore. He walked, and he munched, and he pondered. He strolled, and he chewed, and he thought.

Aha! He had a brilliant idea! It would be hard to manage with only hooves, teeth, lips, and a single long horn on his forehead, but he'd bet he could do it!

Cecil hurried back to the meadow. There was lots of what he wanted there. Working carefully, he put his idea into action. He worked and worked until he was satisfied that his plan would succeed. Then he went over to the burrow where Bradley and his family lived.

"Hi, Mrs. Bunny. I sure hope Bradley is feeling better."

"Not so much, Cecil. He's still in bed and feeling blue. What's all that you have?"

"A blue bunny! That's funny!" He carefully dropped the mound of green he had hooked over his horn. "This is something I brought for Bradley. I hope he likes it."

"Fresh clover! Oh, how thoughtful. Bradley hasn't been out to nibble for ages - he will just love this! I'll go pry him out of bed."

So Bradley and Cecil sat in the sunshine outside the burrow, sharing a snack of clover, and just being friends.

The end.

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