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Twenty-one days was all he had to prove he loved her before she walked away forever. But first, he had to get to her. Obstacles, figurative, metaphorical, and physical stood in his way. His life was capital "d" drama and he had no way around it if he wanted her in his life.

Did he? Want her? He contemplated the emptiness of his life before her and knew it would be twice as bleak without her. Decided, he catapulted across the moat. He landed with a thud in the philosophical mire of her prior engagement. Was it right to try to win her away from his best friend? He seriously doubted that it was right, but just the thought of her ice-blue eyes drew him towards the garden wall.

He climbed it, using the vines and trellis attached near the gate. Why didn't he use the gate? Duh, he had to prove his love... He fell over the other side of the wall into the middle of a wedding he was not invited to. Hers? Wait, he was supposed to have twenty-one days!

He checked his watch, oh, that's right, he had been in a coma for three weeks. He ran to the front just as the priest asked, "If anyone..."

"I object!" he shouted.

"To me announcing there is a yellow jeep with its lights on?"

He looked at those assembled. They stared back, almost as confused as he was. Then the sound of the gate opening and swinging inward interrupted all staring. A man in a very smart-looking jacket put his hands on his hips, "Mr. Grossman, it is time you come back to the hospital, for your medication."

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