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Suzie turns 21
"Sara," said Suzie getting out of her friend's charcoal 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe., and looking around. The well lit parking lot of the 21 club, was almost completely filled with other late model cars and trucks. "Why are we stopping here? I thought we were going to my birthday party."

"We are!" She slipped her key fab into her silver evening purse. "My aunt Joyce rented the Club's private room for the entire night, so we could eat, drink, and dance until dawn."

"But ... but I can't go in here. I've never ..."

"You have your ID don't you?"

"Yes. Will I need it?"

"Of course!. The doorman should ask for it, and if he doesn't you show it to him." Sara took Suzie's left hand and pulled her toward the door.


"Hi, Rodger," Sara flashed her ID. "This is my friend Suzie Barker."

"Ah, Miss Barker, the birthday girl." He smiled, "May I see your ID?"

Suzie took her ID out of her purse, and handed it to Rodger. He took a close look at it, handed i t back to her, opened the door, and motion them into the 21 Club.

Inside the darkened club, the maître d' lead them through the main dining room and opened the door to the private party room.

"Good evening, Miss Sara, if you and Miss Baker will have seat at one of the tables, I'll bring you your drinks."

Sara lead Suzie to a table near the buffet, and they set down. "What' wrong Suzie? Why are you frowning?"

"I don't see Harvey, I was hoping he would be here.":

"Harvey isn't twenty yet, he's too young to come here. However, his brothers, Henry and Hank, are here. They're better dancers than Harvey anyway."

"Miss Sara," said the waiter sitting a drink down in front of her. "Here is your usual champagne cocktail. And for you, Miss Baker, the club's 21st Birthday special. There is just enough alcoholic in it to give you a buzz."

"Thank you, Greg," Sara smiled. "Where are Henry and Hank?"

"They are on there way here from the buffet, I'll return with their drinks in a few minutes."

"We thought you ladies might want something to eat, before the dance music started." The twins, as usual spoke at the same time. They placed four plate of hors d’oeuvres.on the table before sitting down between the Sara and Suzie.

"In the morning, we'll escort you two lovely ladies to the party Harvey has planned," said Henry.

"That is if you'd like us to," Hank winked at Suzie.

"That would be lovely," Suzie smiled at Hank. At least now, Harvey won't have to lie to me about whichever one of my friends he's secretly dating.

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