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Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2257824
This one is a triumphant song about rising above depression for once!

The sun rose up, the moon it went down,
The stars blinked out one by one
I see you hiding in the background,
You know I loved you all along
To any stranger on my doorstep,
Get out of my way, I’m moving on
The winter is warming at last,
The night was short, but the year was long

I can be silent, transparent and faint,
A grayscale sketch on a building set to fall
I can be docile, I can be hostile and wild,
Never the whole, but pieces of it all
If I was a rich man, with an artificial stand,
Having the poor man eat right out of my hand,
It means I sold off what I got for free,
My heart and soul, piece by piece

I can be alone in the middle of the street,
I can fall to my knees or I can rise to my feet
I can choke on the bottle until my mind’s in the drain,
Come in all bright colour and leave as a stain
I can love the impossible just like chasing my tail,
I can scream when I win, I can smile when I fail

Looking back, on the path that we laid,
Was that future yours or mine?
It’s just like memory fades,
It’s just like wisdom grows with time
There’s a choice to be made between a naked face
Or the prettiest, shiniest disguise
I can be tamed, bound up and chained
Or I can rise up and shine
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