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Writing tributes comes from the heart & this one was worthy of becoming a static item.
Since joining this site exactly one year ago, a lot has changed for me. Obviously, I am a year older and hopefully, a year wiser. My skill set has improved exponentially...grammar and punctuation, while still causing me grief, as improved to the point where I don't stress anywhere near like I used to.

Because of this site, I have learned so much in the art of writing, so much more than if I had remained in my bedroom, which I'm sure we have all done at one time or another, and realized, is a lonely and unfulfilling place to create.

As WDC celebrates 21 years since its inception, I cannot help but think of the countless people the site has helped...the friendships, the comradery, the skills it has helped develop, the encouragement and the opportunities that have come to those who, if not a part of this community, may never have been.

The positives which come from being a member here are too many to mention, and I for one, want to express my gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to try and help me improve...time, which is the greatest gift one person can give to another...and to WDC, for connecting people who love of this art, which is the greatest gift this site has given to us all.

The feeling that 'I belong' to a group of like-minded people, who genuinely care about my work...who are willing to risk backlash, in the hope that what they are trying to show me will help me become a better writer...and not just a better writer, but a better human being, is so humbling and so appreciated by myself, and I'm sure the majority of members here on WDC would agree on.

So, happy 21st birthday WDC, and to all who have made this site what it is today, a place of learning...a place of community and a place where we have a home.
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