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Thoughts from one of those lonely, late night, lost in thought, kind of walks
Light the Way

One foot forward,
That’s how you keep walking
One word slides out,
That’s how they keep on talking
The past is just a vague partner,
Just a part of the show
But when it’s time to turn off the lights,
I can’t let it go

Light the way,
Light the way for me
Such a long time I’ve been alone
Lay awake,
Lay awake with me
Then any hole I live in I can call my home

Just a few, a few little things,
Little things I know
How to look ahead to the brighter days,
But still I can’t let it go

Someone say,
Someone say to me
That maybe one day I can come into my own
Light the way,
Light the way for me
Such a long time I’ve been alone

Downtown there’s a thousand little people,
Going about a thousand little lives
Just a mess, all kinds of footsteps,
That all kind of pass me by
There’s a bunch of towers, all steel and stone,
Grabbing out like fingers at the sky
Dotted all up with a thousand windows,
A thousand points of citylight
Pretty machines all sleek and clean,
Just going along for the ride
Little worlds can end with a bang like thunder
Or fade out like a little sigh
Open up the curtains and stare into the sun,
Or hide behind the window blinds
One thing is certain when it’s all said and done,
It’s still a thousand points of citylight
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