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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

I shot an arrow in the sky, it came to earth, I don’t know why. A joke, I do know why, I’m terrible at archery. So far I have never hit anything, except my father’s shoe once.

He was so happy to have a son after two daughters he apparently made all kinds of plans in his head about how we would bond over “guy things” as soon as I was able. He actually took me bowling when I was one. I’ve seen the video.

Unfortunately I am not sporty, and not particularly coordinated truth be told. My sisters are both great at sports, great at camping, great at fishing, all those outdoorsy things. And he loves that about them, but a sporty son apparently is a sporty father’s dream.

Me, I’m into electronics, computers, that stuff. At first Dad thought it was a passing phase. He was glad because I understood it and he never had to help me with my school work. Frankly he’s terrible at it. But he really thought I was going to let it go for sports as I got older. He did everything he could to spin me around. I have the equipment for every sport you can imagine. We’ve been to every type of game, every activity. Honestly I tried to love them, just for him.

This year he finally gave it all up. It wasn’t because he was discouraged, and it wasn’t because I finally convinced him I was never going to be sporty either. He finally saw me for who I really was.

He got stuck in his taxes and I walked him through it. Me, little thirteen year old me understood the whole stupid tax form. I finally won my dad over just being my nerdy self. Life is good.
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