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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2257944
Daily Flash Fiction 8/5/21 W/C 300
Featured in "Action/Adventure Newsletter (September 8, 2021)

Sky Arrows

That sky arrow took an evil spin as it rocketed toward the group. For years the sky arrows had been terrorizing the colony.

“When does that new deflecting system get put into service? We cannot keep on avoiding these arrows.”

The defense team, consisting of Hugo, Maurice, Hank and Juliette, huddled around a large rock. They found that sky arrows couldn’t find a target next to this rock. The ‘Rock of Salvation’ was near the colony’s headquarters. Every time they spotted a sky arrow on the screen, they headed for the rock.

“I think it’s time to put our new weapon into place.” Hugo flattened himself as much as possible, as if trying to become one with the rock.

Juliette shook her head violently. “NO, NO, NO!”

“And why not? It might help. We cannot evade these forever. The arrows have already decimated us.”

Maurice pulled out his micro tablet. “This is why not, Hugo. The testing hasn’t been completed.” He indicated a chart, notes from R & D. “We don’t know if the weapon will affect the colony. We sure don’t want to activate something that may kill us. The arrows already do that, but not all at once. This weapon, if it backfires, spells the end of the colony.”

The contingent checked radar, made sure the arrows were gone, then headed back to the colony headquarters.

Hank pulled out some papers from a file. “I propose we install the weapon. Hang the cost. Do it, do it now. The side effects aren’t as extreme as we think. Here are the trials.”

The quartet quickly reviewed the study. Maurice called the weapons lab.

“It’s time. Install the weapon. Now we wait. Tell security what is about to happen.” Hugo sighed; long, loud.

Call made, they waited. For Magneto to work.
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