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The template for understanding how Jesus and the Father could be one
In scripture John 14 Jesus said to his disciples "to see me is to see the Father"

When I consider how Kurt and Gary grew up as one I ask Who could of known that two separate lives could be so inextricably weaved together. I can imagine that at the time many people wondered how person's so different could be the same. So it is a story worth telling and celebrating.
Gary was born first and therefore be considered the oldest. Kurt was less than a year younger. Gary was blonde skinny and all smiles tall for most kids his age. Kurt was smaller. He was average height for the time. He had dark and his larger than normal ears made him stand out. At different times he was called dumbo by any kids that teased him. Gary was a loner and very flighty in imagination and younger kids would tease Gary, fairy. And so it went as the two grew up. They always shared the same room up until circumstances forced them to leave.
Kurt in personality was the more earthy of the two. He loved to show others how good he was at sports. He seemed to be a natural. Whether he swam, played tennis, basketball, football or most any other sport he would be chosen among the first. He was someone people loved to be around very extroverted with a laughter that called other to join in even if much of time he felt alone. He was popular with the girls and seemed to be mom's favorite. He liked to dance and show off his moves. He seemed to be their to help when needed, vacuuming for instance and was appreciated.
Gary was the idealist loaner with a smile people like to look at only to be drawn to someone very pensive and more anxious than his younger brother. He would much rather be alone reading a book and was not good at sports at all, most often chosen near the end because of his awkwardness. He loved to do well in school and tried to show off by getting good grades. He was very shy and wondered if any girl even noticed him. He often felt foolish on the dance floor even if he liked to dance in private. He was a fighter and that kept him going even as he watched his brother shun the fighting arena and Gary endured, even as Kurt raced ahead beaming in victory after a while Gary would catch up.
In their young lived they could be seen doing a lot together. As they grew, they went together with Nana and Papa to New Hampshire where they lived, to a family vacation spot called the farm and other venues such as a vacation to Quebec, Canada. It was done in the name of giving mom to raise a family that would include 8 kids. Invariably Kurt and Gary would be seen going with their grandparents, whenever summer or vacations took place. The mystery to ponder over time was how the two reminded others of how two could be one. Even after they grew older one could hear others talk about Gary and Kurt as if they were somehow meant to be together. And so I will do the best to share the tale so others might understand. Three themes will come together as the two grow old together. Learn to get along with each other, Let go and let God and finally the importance of church the place that called to both of them in their own way.
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