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by Rhyssa
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Comedy · #2258020
this went a bit odd
“You need me,” said the warrior, as they sat around the fire,
“without me as a meat shield, why, you might as well retire.”
“You need me more,” the wizard said, “You haven't got a clue,
my magic's much more powerful than anything you do,”
The dungeon master rolled his eyes and yawned beside the fire light
because, in his opinion: both and neither were quite right.

“I challenge you,” the warrior cried, his face was turning red.
He took his glove and tapped the wizard right upon her head.
“I challenge you, now it's your turn to choose how you will fail.”
The wizard shrugged, “Well, I don't know the sword or bow or flail,
and if I chose a game of chess,” “A foul, a foul I claim.”
“Well then, I guess I'll choose to play a single badminton game.”

The game was set, the raquets picked, the shuttlecock inspected,
the dungeon master asked "Will you halt," but both of them rejected,
a coin was tossed to choose which one would open up the game,
and so the warrior took the court and wizard did the same.

The birdie flew, the birdie soared, the birdie seemed to hover,
and point were scored first one would lead, then other would recover,
until the game stood nineteen all, and both of them were sweating,
the rallys were a thing of joy, but neither one was getting
any closer to a win, the points kept on exchanging,
when the DM muttered, “This game needs some rearranging.”

So suddenly, when both their scores had reached to twenty-one,
the shuttlecock just vanished, and the DM said, “I'm done.
You both are right. You both are wrong. You're stronger as a team.
Apologize and break it off, I'm tired of this theme,
besides, as everybody knows, I'm both sharp and slick,
you need me more or there's no game. So kiss and make up, quick.”

He slipped off fast with birdie hidden deep within his purse.
They rolled their eyes ,“We may be bad, but oh, that guy is worse.”

line count: 30
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