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a bit about my Night Terror, what's yours?
I lie here gazing,
training my eyes
on the darkened ceiling above
staring into the pixelated
blackness of the night.
The Eye appears above me,
having created itself
from the swarming mass
of tiny night creatures
that make up the darkness.
I reach out to touch it
and the small creatures disperse
only to bond again
as I withdraw my hand.
The Eye grows and shrinks
continually staring through me.
I am paralyzed in its gaze
and the fear it causes within.
This is my Night Terror,
the shadow ants creating
that horrible all-seeing eye;
how the eye looks through me
to the depths of my soul.
I scream within my mind,
try to close my eyes.
But the only salvation
from this nightmare
is to be blinded by the light.

Line Count: 28
Free verse
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