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I Don't Understand

The words were garbled. All I heard was: “Kioer née Jkld. Rtr sdft moserjker mlpo sdlfke.”

“I don’t understand a word you are saying. You’ll have to speak slower. ENUNCIATE!”

The voice came on again. “Kioer née Jkld. Rtr sdft moserjker mlpo sdlfke.”

That time the words were said slowly and distinctly, but I still didn’t understand. What was ‘kioer’? ‘Jkld?’ And I have never in my life heard ‘moserjker’ or sdlfke’ used as words.

“Come again? I don’t understand. Speak English.”

There was a gap in time. The longest gap ever.

“People are dead. And then Alexander said defeat. Is that clear? Do you now understand?”

I was now more confused. What is the meaning of this?

I spoke to the voice. “What do you mean, people are dead? And what about Alexander? Who are you and where are you?”

“I forgot you don’t speak my language. I had to apply the translator mask. The colony is dead. I am the one elected to communicate. Alexander is defeated.”

I sat back in the chair, George next to me heard the transmission.

“Is that true? Alexander is defeated? How is that possible?”

“I have no idea, George. They had all the weapons, all the intelligence to defeat an enemy.”

We looked at the video link. All humans were dead, that we could see. Nothing moved in Alexander. It appeared as a ghost town. Then as the video panned to another section of the colony, we saw a vehicle. Not one of ours, it seemed alien in construction. Several strange forms moved outside the vehicle.

Another transmission attracted our attention.

“We are leaving Alexander. We will see you soon.”

George and I exchanged glances. “How long will it take for them to reach earth?” he questioned.

“They’re already here,” I whispered.

W/C 300

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