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What happened on the way to the Bardstown Founder's Day celebration? 21 Sentences
There was a variety of possible suspects in the missing Greyhound bus fiasco with the music director being fired at the last minute, Mayor Writon ruining Spearestown Mayor Doyle mother’s 100th birthday party by booking the county fairgrounds for the carnival, but the culprit was the one and only, Greyhound bus driver, Ralph Cramptin.

Ralph was watching the sexy music director in the rearview mirror and failed to notice another Greyhound turn in front of him at the stoplight by the highway exit. Given this was a charter to Bardstown, which he heard of but didn’t know where it was exactly, he let his boss and her husband pull out before him rather than be first as it was easier to follow the other buses than consult the route package on his dash.

When the bus ahead of him turned, he followed along, nearly driving on autopilot while ogling that beauty four rows back, especially at the stoplights. He snapped to an hour later when they pulled into the Tibbetts City Bus Terminal and not the Bardstown Founder’s Day Event. He stopped behind the bus, hung his head trying to figure out where he lost his group and how he picked up another bus.

The beauty in row four was in his face before he could get out his phone out of his pocket and pull up Google Maps.

The music director leaned in close to Ralph. “You are lost, aren’t you? I knew something didn’t look right, but you are the bus driver. I shouldn’t have to worry that we are heading in the wrong direction!”

She took a step back, crossed her arms and glared at Ralph.

He didn’t want to look at her anymore. “It will take us almost 45 minutes to get there from here.”

“We are already late, so you need to call Mayor Writon and let him know, if he isn’t in the hospital having a coronary because we are lost,” said the music director.

Ralph took the mayor’s number from the very mad music director and called the equally mad Mayor Writon to explain why they were late. The bus was so quiet that Ralph didn’t have to use speaker phone since the mayor was yelling so loud that Ralph and at least the first four rows could hear him just fine.

As the bus pulled into the Bardstown town square almost an hour late, there were cheers, and then bus was surrounded by the parents from the other two buses, police and city dignitaries.

Once the bus was empty; his boss stuck her head in the door and said, “It’s my fault as I thought you were behind Bill, and he thought you were ahead of me. I’m just glad everyone is safe and sound, and you weren’t in an accident or an alien abduction like Deputy Fife called in to the State Police when you were 30 minutes late. Park the bus over at the fairgrounds so they can get this party started.”

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