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My thought of being a writer.
This has been written by me in several different ways at very different times. But regardless of how it was written in the past or is written in the future one thing is clear. I am a writer and story teller. Sometimes a good writer sometimes not but I am always looking to get better. But the one thing that I know is as long as I don't give up completely I will always write. Whether it is journal entry to record my day or learn about me. Or the start of a story soon discarded and forgotten for a time only to be reopened and finished at a later date. The one thing I know is if these stories stay in my head, it will get very crowded in there. And unless I get the stories and thoughts out, there is no room for daily thoughts needed for daily living.

I started writing stories in junior high for class. Creating a few stories as assignments only to expand on later. Some have since been forgotten only to be attempted later but never sounding the same. Because as every writer knows unless you copy and paste or transcribe from the original, a story will not be retold the same way every time. And for any writer that can be exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time.

The last time I looked through the stories I had, I counted 34, and that didn't include the different drafts. That was just 1st drafts. From that came a story called Character Cafe, which will be posted soon.
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