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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Drama · #2258776
A short piece

Hello there, you seem cool,
My names Silence nice to meet you,
Do you see me sitting alone?
With my piece of cardboard, sat on the stones,
You never stop to ask why I cry,
You just look away, up at the sky.

I will not harm you, or do you wrong,
I will not be here that long,
I’m just resting here for a short while,
Until I find somewhere I more admire,
Maybe somewhere cleaner and abit more kind,
It's time I left this place behind.

It gets very cold here throughout the night,
I wish I could find somewhere with a little bit of light,
I get so scared, here on my own,
You already know I have no home,
You know I sit here all night and day,
Sometimes you wish I would just go away.

I see you snigger as you walk by fast,
If only you knew about my past,
I wish you didn’t laugh as you walk by,
If you just said Hello, that would make me smile,
I haven’t spoken to anyone in over a week,
Sometimes I wish you would just stop and speak,
It would mean more than the penny you drop in my cup,
You never look down, but I always look up,
I say thank you, but you still don't speak much.

The days go by, winter is near,
I really hope I can find somewhere warm round here,
I did have a coat, some kind man said I could have it to keep,
But somebody took it when I was asleep,
I don’t know why, maybe they got cold on their way home.

I sometimes hear the people on their phones,
Ringing their friends to pick them up,
I wish I had their luck,
I don’t have a phone or friends.

You don't acknowledge me, or make me feel wanted,
I'm just the trash that keeps you haunted,
I have no meaning, no family, no friends,
Nobody who really notices, nobody who really cares.

Its nearly Christmas now,
I’ve found a new place to rest my head,
A new piece of cardboard to call my bed,
A nice big piece, it wasn’t even wet,
I found it this morning, I haven’t used it yet,

I’m sit here with my used cardboard coffee cup,
A lady bought me some hot chocolate, back when I had luck,
I hope I have luck this Christmas time,
I have been very good this year,
I have stopped buying my cans of beer.

I hope to buy a house this year,
I have saved up all my money,
but when I go into the estate agents they think I’m funny,
They laugh and say, "just go away".
I leave and don’t return, I run as fast as I can until my feet burn.

I don’t have any shoes and my socks are full of holes,
I trip and fall straight onto my nose,
You all ignore me and carry on walking,
Some of you look once and then carry on talking,
You try to ignore me, pretend I’m not there,
I wish I could vanish into the air.

I get back up and proceed to run,
I run back to my bed, where I droop my head,
I try to clean the blood from my nose using a thin rag,
I lay down and begin to weep,
until I finally manage to fall asleep.

I sleep all night, I don’t even stir,
A cat passes my way and starts to purr,
I don’t hear her, nor do I wake,
She starts to lick my face, but I do not shake.

As my body goes cold, she knows it is bad,
Will you feel guilty, or maybe even sad?
Or will you be happy and glad?
I have finally gone and left you in peace,
I’m almost certain you won't feel any grief.

This was my last night, my very last day,
My name is Silence and tonight, I passed away.
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