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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2258805
writing exercise - place/whom/feeling
The library

The native drummer arrived at the new grand library that had just been built in the nearby city, and what a sight it was. The architecture was very new age, almost space age. Little did the drummer realize but he had already seen this place before, he did not remember at all. There was a grand, concrete staircase leading up to the entrance of the building. Being quite athletic still these stairs were of no difficulty to him. As he entered the building, the smell of newness met his nose. He could smell the wood panelling, the carpet, even the new books for paper books always have a distinct smell. He had already been here but did not remember any of this. He continued along and the librarian greeted him ecstatically so much so that he was taken aback. Who is this person he thought? The drummer continued along and found a section which caught his eye, music. Something compelled him to stop. Just then the librarian was right there, "Same as last time?" The drummer cautiously agreed. The librarian was already gone and into the back before another word was uttered. When he returned, he was carrying documents, papers, old parchment, all assembled into a huge leather binder. He splayed them out so the drummer could see everything. Some of the documents were very old, and he recognized his language on some of the pages. Some of the pages however were speaking something foreign. "Last time you were in you said you were forgetting some of the old stories so I took the liberty to gather everything our library has that can help you."

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