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I hadn't written for a long time n this is what came to mind when finally started.
I know not where to begin, what to write,

I know not what I want, what I can do,

All i know is I've got to start a new.

What was yesterday, will never again be today.

As for tomorrow....I have only......hopes.

I know not what life what's from me.

What I must give to reach my destiny

So many mistakes, so many failures

Too many if 's and much more but's

Life's taken a 360degree turn.

I thought I understood

I thought what I believed was all that mattered.

I was such a fool. "Sigh"

I tried to soar up high, to reach the sky

Only to fall, face down.

I didn't let anyone close

Afraid I'd lose them all.

No matter how much I tried to hold on to

In the end I still lost it all.

Now I am at the crossroads,

From where there is no return

No path that leads home

No journey to call my own.

Just one road, just one 👣👣trail

That I have to follow through.

I know not what I wish for.

I know not want I want.

I m searching all about.

Everything seems to be irrelevant

Without a doubt.

All I know is that I have to follow through.

Follow through.............

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