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by Glenny
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A story about buying and resilience when losing

Recently I was in Coles to purchase three items. I’m not one to spend a lot of time shopping so as soon as I had found what I needed I headed toward the checkout. Then I spied toilet rolls packed up against the wall. Who would ever have thought that having a whole wall of toilet paper in Coles was anything of note or that someday shops would actually run out of toilet paper as a result of shoppers over purchasing? Yet thanks to Covid19 the stores have actually been out of this important product. For the life of me I have no idea why the world felt it couldn’t live without owning as many rolls as possible. Why not choose coffee, chocolate, bread or milk? Or perhaps shoppers believed Covid19 could be spread through toilet paper and were buying up and discarding it to keep us all safe
Remembering that we weren’t in Lockdown as currently Covid19 hadn’t ventured our way I scanned the store and nobody seemed interested so I chose a large package and headed for the Checkout.
The lady at the Checkout offered me a bag for 10cents to put my purchases in but I refused. It would have been easier to carry everything in a carrier bag but ever since plastic bags had been banned I have had to buy copious amounts of carrier bags from Coles due to the fact that I always forget to carry my bags in from the boot of the car.

“No thank you” I responded, “ I have a system, I’m going to carry these small parcels in my left hand and have a little handle on this big package to carry it on my right hand to the car. I can do this” and with that said I boldly picked up my packages and walked briskly away.
A gentleman watched me and remarked on the way I was carrying them as I stopped every now and then to lift up the toilet paper on my knee and adjust the little handle and then determinedly straightened up and continued to my car.

Undaunted, I trotted off to the car climbed in and drove home. It wasn’t until I arrived home and started to unpack the car boot I realized I had put the 3 small items in the car but alas there were no toilet rolls. Then I remembered! I had placed them on the ground next to the car door whilst I had unlocked it and driven away.

In retrospect I probably should have taken the bag I was offered.

I can only hope the person who picked up my lost Rolls uses them wisely. Perhaps they can store it in the shed where the rest of their supplies are kept. Or even Will them to their children.

Perhaps I’ve saved them a trip to Coles when or if we have our next Lockdown.

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