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by Kizzie
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I won a competition with this in the summer.
International women's day poem;

Strong women throughout the ages,
Looking back through history pages.

From the 1900s to this very day,
Women joined women to have a say.

Women got the vote, and equal pay,
Full gender equality we pray.

Lacking in female leaders, someone at the top,
Some one to say enough now; its time to stop.

There is violence against women, horror in the home,
She knows its coming, he starts in the tone.

Domestic violence is something I've seen,
Battered bruised and broken I've been.

Pushed to the ground, smell of whisky on his breath,
As he climbs on top, i wish for death.

Escape to work, surrounded by men,
Equality my arse! was it written in pen?

Everywhere i look, i see strong women,
Hardworking, empowered and driven.

Were not walking in protest, or burning bra's,
We are just as capable to reach for the stars.

Women joined women to have there say
Some have succeeded along the way.

The fight continues, through the ages,
You'll find it in, the history pages.
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