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by Kizzie
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Childhood trauma.
Childhood trauma seeps into ones mind,
desperate for love of any kind.

Body and soul, separations within,
stole my innocence with his evil sin.

pain in my head, sorrow in my heart,
filled with sadness, torn apart.

Ones inability to feel worthy of love,
or divine essence from above.

Self hate, yelling, screaming, blaming and more,
over indulging, criticizing, crying on the floor.

life full of heartache, sorrow and I'm pained,
felling dirty, to blame and ashamed.

Slits on my wrist made with a knife,
scar's on my soul imprinted for life.

physically, emotionally, psychologically drained,
my memories are tainted and blood stained.

Adulthood is a product of indoctrination for all,
separated rather than integrated from the fall.

its the god presence which is love, divine embrace,
and will he forgive the fall from grace.

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