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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Kenny woke up early. Too early of course because he was excited, and he hadn’t slept long either. He’d been too excited to go to sleep.

He couldn’t turn on the light because someone might see it walking to the bathroom or something, so he got dressed in the dark. He’d gotten out his clothes before bedtime. His Superman outfit.

But toys were everywhere so he had to be really careful not to trip over any and make noise. He couldn’t find his shoes. It didn’t matter, he didn’t need them till later.

He snuck out to the kitchen. There was a small night light on so he could see his way. He pulled around the step stool and got out his cereal, a bowl and spoon, the cereal and the milk. Then he set himself up at the table to eat.

Then, jumping down, he ran and got the calendar to look at, then got back up to eat. He sat studying the picture all through his breakfast.

Mom had just changed the page yesterday from September to October. The picture, above all the numbers, was all about Halloween. It was of night, and there was a dark house and a big moon. There were scary creatures everywhere! Candy was falling from the sky like rain as a boy and girl stood on the steps with big bags to gather the candy in. Trick or Treat bags!

Kenny remembered Halloween from last year. It was so exciting! Plus after, you had lots of candy! Kenny was ready!

Mom found him asleep at the table. Carrying him to his room, in his last year’s Halloween costume, she tried to figure out how she was going to tell him it was still thirty more days till this year’s Halloween.
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