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A lesson in law and order backfires.
The Adventures Of David And Connie-What An Example!

By Shadowgate
It's a beautiful evening in Houston Texas. In a quiet suburb the O'Connor Family lived happily. Their next-door neighbor was single and her occupation was to uphold the law. Officer Wanda Morgan was her name and this evening at 5PM Linda O'Connor and her two kids had a chat with their neighborhood police officer.

13-year-old David O'Connor and his eight-year-old sister Connie were sitting in their mom's car. David pointed out how shiny Officer Morgan's handcuffs were.

Linda asked "why not handcuff my kids so they can learn respect for the law? I'd like to see that."

Officer Morgan asked "want to see what it's like to wear them?"
David hopped out of the car and put his hands behind his back.

Officer Morgan handcuffs David. David says "they don't hurt they're clearly just restraints."

Officer Morgan exclaimed "exactly and they're used for transporting prisoners."

Connie giggled then Linda gave her a stern look and told her "you're next Connie and the goal is to teach you kids respect for the law."

After Officer Morgan took the handcuffs off David she called Connie over. Connie put her hands behind her back and Officer Morgan handcuffed Connie.

After a few minutes she took the handcuffs off.

Officer Morgan said "hey your first name is Linda oh man I hate to tell you this but on my computer there's a warrant for the arrest of someone with that name. I know we've only known each other for two weeks and I'm hoping it isn't you. I didn't look at the address though."

Linda said "oh wow well I'm sure there's another Linda O'Connor out there who broke the law."

David commented "that would be ironic if it was you mom. Right after you have Officer Morgan handcuff us to teach us to respect the law."

Connie said "I hate to say this but it would be funny."

David giggled and replied "kind of."

Linda said "no it wouldn't be funny."

David said "well think about it mom the whole irony of the situation. I suppose it would be funny in a ridiculous sort of way."

Linda groaned and called it "a ridiculous suggestion."

After Officer Morgan ran Linda O'Connor's driver's license through the computer found that it was indeed her.

When Officer Morgan informed Linda that there was a warrant for her arrest for a speeding ticket that was over a year old Linda flipped out.

"Oh my God I remember that now. We were at my mother's funeral in Austin and I got a speeding ticket and when we got back here I totally forgot about it."

David and Connie flip out.

Officer Morgan says "under the law I have to serve this arrest warrant Linda."

Linda said "oh Wanda it turns out my lesson for the kids backfired."

David said "I wouldn't say backfire, you just became an example."

Connie starts laughing and Linda yelled "Stop laughing!"

David said "Connie it's ironic but we shouldn't laugh."

Barrett O'Connor pulls up in his truck. He stopped by Pizza Hut after work to get two pizzas.

He got out of his truck and Connie yelled "Officer Morgan has to arrest mom for an outstanding speeding ticket."

Barrett said "what?"

David said "Officer Morgan has to arrest mom for an outstanding speeding ticket."

Connie snapped "I just said that."

Linda said "it was that speeding ticket I got in Austin and I totally forgot about it since we were dealing with mother's funeral."

Officer Wanda Morgan arrested Linda O'Connor and Barrett went in to call a lawyer. The kids sat and ate their pizza.

David suggested "I think mom should go on Ritalin that way she'll remember things better."

Connie said "she'd drop the bottle of Ritalin in her car while driving down the highway."
Barrett snapped "children this is not a time to be funny now I have to get on the phone with our family lawyer."

Barrett was on his cell phone and said "Mister Clifford my wife was just arrested for an outstanding speeding ticket. She'll be spending the night in the Harris County Jail."

It wasn't long before he got off the phone with his attorney.

David said "well mom thought it would be a good idea to have Officer Morgan handcuff us and have us learn to respect the law and then she got arrested."

Barrett said "yes that is ironic and it's not good."

David said "oh this must be very embarrassing for mom. Not only is she getting arrested for forgetting about a ticket but right after a tough love lesson she gets arrested."
Connie replied "oh that must be very embarrassing. Wait until everyone in town hears about it."

David said "oh that is going to make this super embarrassing."

Barrett yelled "enough now you two get quiet and eat your pizza while I figure out what I'm going to do!"

Connie asked "are you going to have mom go to the doctor to get a Ritalin prescription?"

Barrett yelled "no."

David said "she might need an anti-depressant after being arrested at such an awkward moment."

Barrett yelled "no she won't!"

David immediately replied "I think you need medication dad."

Barrett O'Connor screamed loudly and ran outside of his house. He kept running until he ran straight into a parked car.

Connie said "dad needs medication for sure David."

Both children laughed.


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