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My study and understanding....at my mothers request!
Starting with Chapter 1 and verses 1 thru 4 here is my understanding of this first study/reading and sharing:


This epistle was written sometime before or around 70 AD and the author is unknown. The theme of this chapter is to advise Jewish Christians that Jesus is supreme and completely sufficient for salvation and that Jesus is the ultimate authority. That He is greater than the angels or any religion, superior to any Jewish leader such as Abraham, Moses or Joshua as well as any priest. He is the complete revelation of God. Once the writer has established the superiority of Christianity and Jesus he moves on to the practical implications of following Christ, to hold on to their new faith and look forward for Christ to return.

*** The words and thoughts I will share listed below are my opinion, my understanding, my interpretation and my words only. They do not reflect the opinions of others nor are they meant to serve as official gospels and testaments. ONLY MY OPINION AND UNDERSTANDING *******


SUBJECT: God's Final Word: HIS SON

Verses 1 thru 4

this is how I understand it and would describe it.......

Within the first verse it states very clearly that God spoke to the fathers (or our ancestors) through the prophets at many times and in many ways (or sundry times.)

And Sundry times means there were certain times or ages in the past where God dealt with the Jews in such a way that it was a shadow or pattern of the seven church ages that lay in the future.

"Sundry" means that God dealt with the Jews in 7 different ages that did not seem important enough to form a pattern until the 7 church ages began to happen. The reality of the 7 church ages then gave an added importance to the 7 Jewish ages, which acted as a preview of the church ages.

But during the last days God has spoken to us by his Son, who God appointed heir of all things, and of which the son was also the same thing that God made the universe. That this son of God’s is the radiance and glory and represents everything exactly as God within his being, that sustains all thing by HIS POWERFUL WORD. And once God’s son (Jesus) had to pay with his life and purged all of our sins he was then “sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven”. And it was that placement to the right hand of God that made Jesus the higher superiority over the angles due to the inheritance of his name.

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