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To the deepest Depths I am willing to go

An Ocean In My Veins
by Keaton Foster

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A sea
Of fate
Of fears
The depths
Quite clear
Big and small
And prey
To remain
Washing away
What’s safe
An ocean
In my veins
Tidal pools
Of memories
That I must face
Of waves
That I must embrace
Pain expressed
As ripples between
Diving deeper
Into my soul
Saturating my bones
Exposing the holes
Water seeps in
Hurt floods out
These finger tips
Like pins holes
In a dam
The pressure
The expression
Just too great
An ocean
In my veins
These eyes
Beams of light
Within total darkness
Its scary down here
It’s terrifying out there
Drowning withing thyself
A hell of a way to go
A hell of a way to remain
I have always felt as I do
I have always known what I must
I am not like you
Nor am I like myself
I am something else
Something deeper
Someone darker
Then the deepest depths
Of all that I fight to expose
An ocean
In my veins
A sea of creatures
All looking to feast
On all that makes me whole
Saturated are my bones
Empty is this soul
Not a home
But a void filled
With thoughts
Deeper than any person
Victim, should ever go
I know
I expose
What can be
What has been
As I drown
Within what I know
Because of all
That has been done
What were once streams
Then rivers
Quickly became
Vast seas
Endless oceans
Suffocating depths
Of abundant darkness
I am in all places
At all stations
Within myself
All that remains
And what invades
Slowly escapes
An ocean
In my veins
Will always be
An endless sea
Crashing down
Upon and within me…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2021

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